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Beautiful & Strong Jennifer Lawver

Redefining the face of the
construction industry
By Laura Archbold
Photography by Elaine Pardi

It’s been said that true beauty can be found in a woman’s strength and goes beyond what is seen on the surface. Jennifer Lawver’s strength is undeniably beautiful, as her inner qualities of courage, tenacity and resilience radiate for the world to see.   Continue reading

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At the end of January this year, my daughter Tiffany and I signed up for the Trinona triathlon. Throughout the winter we went to the Y for Strength Train Together and yoga classes. In the spring, she got a shiny, new silver Raleigh road bike from Bicycle Sports. We worked on our swimming, biking and running. We talked about our training and our goals. Finally, the big day came. We woke up early on Sunday morning, June 9, and anxiously drove over to Winona. Two by two, we entered the perfectly warm water in age waves for the one-quarter mile swim. Then, the 11-mile scenic bike route took us through rolling bluff country. Finally, we ran the 3.1-mile run half way around beautiful Lake Winona and we were done in under an hour and a half. Yes, we were tired afterward, but we are strong. Now, we are looking for our next triathlon, journey and destination.   Continue reading


By Leanna Haag 

Arlyn Gagnon is not a typical 80-year-old woman. Though she sports two titanium hips and partially titanium knees, Gagnon proudly guides tours for the sculpture museum she owns and operates in her Rochester home. The museum—which Gagnon co-designed—displays original bronze sculptures created by her husband, the late Charles Gagnon, whose works also reside in collections in Japan, Belgium, England, Germany and various places in the United States. Gagnon actively participates in the Rochester art community through her involvement in the Heart of the City project and her continued publication of educational art materials for children.   Continue reading

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The Practice of Self-Compassion

“Through self-compassion, we become an inner ally instead of an inner enemy.” – Kristin Neff
By Terri Allred

Many of us have heard about self-care as a solution to our overworked, stressed-out lives. Entire industries are devoted to promoting products and services to support us in our journey of self-care. While self-care is certainly important, there is a growing understanding that the practice of self-compassion can give us a greater ability to cope with life’s stressors.   Continue reading

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JRK Medicals

Help for varicose veins
By Holly Galbus

Summer is here, a time to toss off the heavy winter wear and don shorts and sundresses for a day out in the sunshine. Unfortunately, for many, it can be a time of increased body consciousness, including noticing varicose veins. They’re quite common—one in five adult Americans suffer from varicose veins, defined as enlarged, distended, bulging veins, typically on the legs and feet. Varicose veins affect an estimated 40% of women and 25% of men. Treatment options vary depending on the severity of the varicose veins, but for those whose veins are less prominent, commonly referred to as “spider veins” —the treatment can be relatively quick and simple. Continue reading

Gypsy Cowgirls

Roamin’ the land,
riding fine horses
By Kay Tessum
Photography by Dawn Sanborn Photography

For many years we were moms supporting our kids in the 4-H horse project. As it is in life, the kids moved on, but the horses stayed. It was a pivotal moment for us—ride them or sell them. We chose to ride them.  Continue reading

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WE (Women Entrepreneurs)at the Table

Changing southeastern
Minnesota’s entrepreneurial ecosystem
By Melissa McNallan

It began with coffee and a conversation at Dunn Brothers Coffee on Elton Hills Drive NW. Dr. Christine Beech had an idea for something new to provide Rochester’s evolving entrepreneurial ecosystem: an academically focused forum for women entrepreneurs. She wanted to run that idea by Heather Holmes. Continue reading

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Women Who Craft (Beer) Rochester

Sipping and sharing our passion
By Abbey Sass

Women Who Craft (Beer)—Rochester is a social group created for women to experience craft beer in a more personal way: connecting with others who are enthusiastic about craft beer and exploring the process with exclusive behind-the-scenes opportunities. The group brings monthly events focusing on everything craft beer.   Continue reading

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Every Meal has a Story to Tell

Connecting with the food we eat
By Heather Weller
Photography by Dawn Sanborn Photography

Once upon a time, although not so long ago, people gathered together to share meals prepared with fresh ingredients from their gardens, pastures, woods and fields. Each fresh ingredient had a story that detailed where the seeds, dairy, livestock and poultry originated. The experience that went into the harvest or collection of the food item was shared and discussed. Each meal was “served with a fresh side” of fellowship, feeling of connection, sense of pride and power of community.   Continue reading

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Eye appeal is buy appeal in real estate
By Kristie Moore

Effective home staging can help you sell your home faster, possibly for a higher price. In recent years, home stagers have become even more savvy and in-tune with what buyers want.  


Home staging is the styling and furnishing of a property for sale (occupied or vacant) to enhance its attractiveness and highlight its positive features to potential buyers. Professional home stagers understand the art and strategies of preparing a home for sale. They work with the flow of a home, eliminate clutter, edit and arrange furniture and even assist in curb appeal. The seller can be as involved as they want, hiring help with needed improvements or taking the DIY approach, depending on their needs and budget.  Continue reading

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