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Athleisure Apparel: Ready to Exercise

One important message that I teach my clients and customers is that you can exercise with little or no special equipment. Dress in athleisure apparel, and you’ll be ready for fitness at a moment’s notice.

What is athleisure apparel?  Wikipedia defines it as “clothing designed for athletic workouts…worn outside of the gym to go to the office or shopping or other social occasions.” Wearing athleisure saves time and looks good on you.


As an owner of a fitness business and mother, I frequently go from training sessions to meetings, then stop by the school or home before heading back to the gym again. I need apparel that is appropriate for all these situations. I need and desire apparel that looks stylish and that I can also move comfortably and sweat in. I am a professional woman who enjoys dressing up, and I don’t like traditional “personal trainer” attire (polo shirts and wind pants).

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My Kaeng Raeng 3-Day Beginner (Non-Soy) Cleanse

I’ve never understood the cleanse craze. Why start a diet that is unsustainable long-term? You can’t live off shakes for the rest of your life. Even if you do lose weight, why not just eat a little less and move a little more?

With vacation season upon us, I realized my mostly “clean” diet is light on fiber and a little high on wine. (I’ll still argue that wine should be considered a fruit.) I’m doubtful my daily cup of detox tea is ridding my system of toxins.

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I Am A Beautiful Rochester Woman: Twenty-Year-Old Ana Gotmer


Professional photographers Dawn Sanborn and Tracey McGuire are moved to help women see their true beauty through the power of photography and asked RochesterWomen magazine to partner with them. We transformed the Extraordinary RochesterWomenAward into the I Am A BeautifulRochesterWoman program. Instead of featuring all six winners on the cover of the January/February issue, we are featuring one or more in each issue of RochesterWomen magazine throughout 2016. We hope as we show women how beautiful they truly are that you are inspired to see your own beauty.

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Healthy Comfort Foods: Satisfy Your Comfort Food Cravings with These Nutritious Recipes

t’s time to hunker down and hibernate through this year’s cold Minnesota winter. if there’s one thing we need in hibernation, it’s comfort food. 

Comfort foods tend to be traditional, which often provides a nostalgic or sentimental feeling for us; we associate it with warmth, family and overall good feelings. In the context of a normal, balanced diet, there’s nothing wrong with occasionally indulging in your “naughty” childhood favorites—especially if you make them yourself with fresh,
nutritious ingredients.

 Eating well may make you believe that these nostalgic or sentimental comfort foods can no longer be on the menu, but we are here to prove that theory wrong.  We have gathered several recipes that keep the comfort in comfort foods without all the “bad stuff.” 

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Careers for Women in Architecture, Building, Construction, and (Interior) Design

Many industries are more heavily populated by one gender or the other but few so distinctly as the building and construction field. Nationally, the Women’s Law Center reports that only 2.6 percent of construction workers are women, but in Rochester, women are claiming their place among their male counterparts and literally climbing the ladder to success.


There are many influences that can lead to a chosen career field. For women in the building and construction industry, family is often a major influence. 

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Bella Voce (Beautiful Voice), Bella Fiore (Beautiful Flower), Bellettes: Young Women find their gifts and inner beauty through song and blessing others

A choral organization in Rochester has been helping girls and young women in southeast Minnesota find their voice, courage and sense of belonging through the power of song. Sing Out Loud and its 130 members in Bella Voce Young Women’s Choir, Bella Fiore and the Bellettes have impacted the community, nation and world through the gift of music. Founded in 2007 by Shelly Winemiller, Sing Out Loud is on a mission to inspire young women to identify their gifts, reach their highest potential and make a difference in the world around them. 

“Young girls have so many doubts of their inherent worth and beauty,” says Winemiller. “An all-women’s choir creates a unique safety net to come together to express those fears and be validated.” She explains, “Music is a catalyst. The voice is one of a kind. No one else has your voice, only you. Once you embrace and nurture it, incredible beauty and potential begin to develop. This is the bigger work of the organization through song, support and community.” 

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Thrill of the Hunt: Alison Streiff Gives Voice to Women in a Male-Dominated Sport

What does Rochester resident Alison Streiff enjoy most about hunting? “Self-reflecting in the woods…gaining friends who share a passion for the outdoors…but the thrill of spotting and stalking gets my heart racing the most!” Streiff has transformed that thrill into a local business called Rack Em’ Guide Service. 


Growing up in a single-parent household, Streiff was not exposed to hunting at a young age. In fact, she went on her first guided hunt in 2009. “Terry Mittelsteadt, owner of Grounded Gander Guide Service, asked if I wanted to go goose hunting,” she said. “The morning we went, it was sleeting and the temperatures were frigid.  As the geese started cupping1, I was instantly hooked!” 



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Not Just Any Body: This woman is athletic, dedicated and strong—with a little touch of crazy.

Forty-seven-year-old Deanna Tompkins knows how to work up a sweat. She has run 15 half-marathons and two full marathons. She participates in grueling, military-based endurance events, holds a nerve-wracking position as a 911 dispatcher and tackles ambitious home renovation projects. Tompkins’ passions in life are evident in her fit and healthy body—and her body art.

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Magic Mike Comes To Rochester

Local Hawties right here in Rochester? Where have these men been hiding? And, more importantly, where can the women of Rochester find them? 

While the men may look like the next cast of “Magic Mike,” their muscled physiques are leveraged for activities far less provocative than stripping and winning female affection. As members of local model and talent agency Hawties for Hire, they are working to achieve an advanced level of health and fitness and find passion in modeling. And they’re here, in our fair town, thanks to Lori Yokiel. 

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How They Do It All: The Women of ABC 6 News

The women of ABC 6 News love what they do. They appreciate that journalism is a dynamic field full of creative freedoms. They welcome opportunities to meet new people, learn, craft and deliver a well-told story—and it shows. 

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