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Holiday Gift Guide

Check out these specials from Rochester area businesses.

The following businesses have also contributed special gifts for Rochester Women magazine readers. Register to win free gifts while you are shopping. 


A winner will be announced each day Friday, November 23 through Saturday, December 15. Watch

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Gift Giving: Share Gifts, Make Memories and Shop Local

What does gift giving mean to you? Do you enjoy giving of yourself, your time and your talents, or do you prefer purchasing gifts to wrap with a big red bow and put under the tree? Gift giving shows someone that you value them and who they are. 

The gifts we give are a reflection of what makes us feel loved. According to Gary Chapman, author of “The 5 Love Languages,” there are five main ways that people speak and understand emotional love: words of affirmation, quality time, receiving gifts, acts of service and physical touch. For a good relationship, it is important for the giver to know how the receiver feels loved, what speaks to them.     


Do you knit, garden, write or sing? No matter your talent, you can probably share that with a friend or two or the whole community. It’s fun to take a class to learn a new skill and then share your result. There are art classes, music, cooking and canning classes through community education, specialty shops or learning centers that you can take or give the class fee and supplies as a gift for any age. 

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Spring Cleansing with Ballerina Botanicals

Every day, this time of year, all of our social media feeds fill up with tips for spring cleaning, time to detox and better yet…get your body ready for summer. This can all be very overwhelming. I know, I always feel the pressure. 

One thing I can always count on to help me relax and feel refreshed is a good facial with organic essential oils. Essential oils are fragrant, concentrated essences from botanical life that provide the body with many healing properties. They work wonders on your skin. My friends are always complimenting my clear skin, so I tell them all about my spring cleansing routine. 


The reason you should be doing this is because the winter months and seasonal changes do a number to your skin, leaving it dry, dull and damaged. Harsh central heating, dry air, sudden temperature changes and hot showers all wreak havoc on your skin. 

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These Boots are Made for Walking and That’s Just What They’ll do


“I love fashion myself. Me, my mom and my sister—it’s our hobby. Picking out things that are beautiful on any figure, that compliments their attitude,” Jessica Pearson, co-owner of Flowers by Jerry Lux Boutique. “We’ve noticed the latest trends arrive later to the midwest, so we’re bringing them here when we see them. Ankle boots are the latest trend. We also see more western style boots in fashion.”


“People want boots that are warm but attractive. SOREL does a great job combining fashion meets function. They’re perfect for our climate,” says Angela Lowther employee at Tyrol Ski & Sports. SOREL boots can handle temperatures as low as 25 degrees below zero. They range in price from $160-$220 at Tyrol Ski & Sports. 


“We’re the largest dealer for Dankso in all of Minnesota. The quality of a Dankso boot will last a long time. They’re comfortable and you can stand in them all day,” explains Netta Putzier, owner of Rochester Feed & Country Store. 

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Daring TRANSFORMATIONS: Looks that Walk the Line

An Edgy Professional

Rue Wiegand isn’t afraid of a little color. And for those who know her, her fiery highlights match her determined personality and eye for design. Rue worked as a design director for many years on RochesterWomen magazine. While pursuing further education, she worked full time as a project management scheduler/EPM administrator for Mayo Clinic, as well as keeping up with her family. This year, Rue earned two master’s degrees in management and project management from St. Mary’s University. 

Even with Mayo’s strict dress code, Rue thinks her colorful highlights can still be professional. And while the color may fade over time, Rue’s vibrant personality will not.

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Christmas Slugs



It doesn’t matter how old I get; going home for Christmas still gets me excited for family traditions and rituals—the gifts, the food, the decorations…and of course, those wonderful Christmas memories your siblings bring up at the dinner table every year. You know the ones: They either make you nearly spit out your drink, hysterically laughing to the point of tears or crawl under the table in shame. (Why don’t families forget anything?)

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FOR THE FOODIE 1. Hand-crafted by the first official brewery in Rochester since the Prohibition, a growler from Kinney Creek Brewery is ideal for beer enthusiasts. $20 ($12 to fill, $8 container deposit),, 282-2739 2. Surprise your favorite chef—or holiday hostess—with a decadent artisan cheese board from ZZest Market & Cafe. Starting at $65 (individually priced gourmet cheeses also available),, 424-0080. 3. Smoked on-site in small batches, homemade hams, smoked turkeys and smoked salmon from Ye Olde Butcher Shoppe are perfect for meat-loving foodies or holiday gatherings, (pricing varies),, 282-5908.

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