Faye Wendland

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Written by Emily Watkins

Retiring from a 42-year career as a Nurse.

Faye Wendland has many mantras. One is “uncomfortable is a growth opportunity,” a concept she is leaning into these days. Wendland is retiring from a 42-year career as an RN with Mayo Clinic and deciding how to use her time and talents. 


Rochester Women magazine received a nomination from Wendland’s co-worker Heidi Seaberg, who says, “Faye is an exceptional woman. She has been instrumental in starting many groups and programs in our community that support people living with mental health disorders. She has volunteered thousands of hours over the years, sharing her gifts freely and happily.” 



I Am A Beautiful Rochester Woman: CaSandra White

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Written by Emily Watkins

Mom, Entrepreneur and Fun-lover

The first thing you notice about CaSandra White is her gigantic smile and infectious laugh. She says that it’s important to have a sense of humor. “I think I’m funny, and I like people who also think I’m funny. I believe laughter really is the best medicine. I do something unbelievably silly every day, so I have to be able to laugh at myself.”


This was White’s first makeover, and she really enjoyed the personal attention. She says, “I was so honored to be recognized. You move through life doing your everyday thing; you never think about someone noticing or thinking you are a beautiful Rochester woman. It makes you feel proud of the work you do, and it motivates you to do more.”

She says it was a “wonderful experience. I just could not comprehend, and I had to keep asking myself, ‘I’m doing what today?’ I was ready to get my Fergie on after the photoshoot.”



More than Skin Deep

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Written by By Trish Amundson

Cosmetic services restore and rejuvenate the mind, body and skin.

Cosmetic procedures are not only for the rich and famous. Several options are less invasive—and less costly—than the “nip and tuck” procedures of the past. According to 2016 statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, specialists around the country perform an astonishing 17.1 million surgical and minimally invasive cosmetic procedures each year. At Mayo Clinic in Rochester, patients receive the same high quality of care for cosmetic procedures as is the standard for all care provided by the clinic. 

Caring Environment and Services

“I begin with a comprehensive consultation with my patients to discuss their cosmetic goals and how best to achieve them—everything from skincare to surgery,” says Rachel Miest, M.D., assistant professor of dermatology and medical director of aesthetic dermatology at Mayo Clinic. Dr. Miest’s practice includes providing personalized services at Rejuvenate Spa. Located within the Mayo Clinic Healthy Living Program, the spa’s tranquil environment is the perfect venue for therapies and treatments that improve wrinkles, scars, brown spots and more. For example:

  • Botox improves the look of forehead wrinkles, frown lines between eyebrows and crow’s feet.
  • Chemical peels improve fine lines, wrinkles, skin discoloration and mild acne.
  • Soft tissue fillers add volume to facial tissues and smooth wrinkles and folds.
  • Laser therapy improves the appearance of skin or minor facial flaws.

“We accommodate same-day services whenever possible,” says Dr. Miest, who works closely with an esthetician to provide recommendations for skin care products and spa services. “If a surgical approach is most appropriate, I refer patients to one of my surgical colleagues.”

Healing with Passion and Inspiration 

Dr. Miest is trained to diagnose and treat diseases of the skin, hair and nails. With a special interest in women’s health, her passion for aesthetic dermatology grew naturally in response to the different needs of patients. She has trained with aesthetic physicians nationally and internationally. In a field where there is a significant art to approaching aesthetic patients and performing these procedures, this invaluable experience allows her to incorporate the techniques of leaders in the field into what she does for patients at Mayo Clinic each and every day.

Her inspiration is her patients. “Something that attracted me to dermatology was the ability to heal all parts of a person—body and mind,” she says. “I understand the emotional impact our outward appearance can have, and the opportunity to help patients feel better about themselves is incredible.”

Real Patients, Real Experiences

From prevention to correction, Dr. Miest enjoys every aspect of what she does. She aims for natural-looking results and sees firsthand the significant benefit to patients of all backgrounds and ages. There’s no question, her patients are her best advocates: 

  • An 80-year-old woman wanted to reduce wrinkles around her mouth so her treatment plan included Botox to the upper face and soft tissue fillers to the mid and lower face. She returned three weeks after her treatment and said her close friends noticed her improved appearance but couldn’t tell what she had done. 
  • A 39-year-old woman sought consultation after the stress of caring for an ill child had aged her significantly in a short period of time. With an improved skin care regimen and regular Botox treatments, Dr. Miest restored a more youthful appearance.
  • A 37-year-old breast cancer survivor wanted to decrease wrinkles and improve skin texture after chemotherapy. With beautiful results, an improved skin care regimen was initiated, along with regular Botox treatments. 

Now is the time to consider cosmetic services to restore and rejuvenate your mind, body and skin, and revitalize your soul.

Learn More

Patients may call the Dermatology appointment office (507-284-2536) or Rejuvenate Spa (507-293-2966) to schedule a consultation. 

Trish Amundson is a Rochester-area freelance writer.



I Am a Beautiful Rochester Woman: Christine Abel

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Written by By Emily Watkins Photos by Tracey McGuire Photography

Christine Abel Maintains a positive outlook on life despite managing a busy household, experiencing the loss of her father and more recently the loss of a love.

Sitting across the table from Christine Abel at breakfast the morning of her makeover, I got the impression that this is a woman who never stops moving and helping others. 

It was hard to get her to talk about herself, but Christine had lots to say about her children who are 18, 16 and 12 and spend a lot of their time helping others as well. Her son, who is in college for law enforcement, “should be a farmer,” Christine says, but he feels like he could best contribute to society by being in law enforcement. Her 16-year-old daughter, who is currently representing as Miss Gladiola Days Queen 2017, is passionate about cancer research. Christine and her family have watched family and friends suffer from and succumb to cancer, and her daughter is dedicating her campaign to fund cancer research. 


Christine was born in Rochester, Minnesota, and has lived in the surrounding area her entire life. She says, “Minnesota is a fabulous place of seasonal changes. I adore the rolling hills, streams and lakes.” She loves biking, hiking at Whitewater State Park and traveling as much as possible. She is also a history buff. Her family has a lot of history in the military, so she knows a lot about soldier etiquette at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington Cemetery, as well as the Vietnam Memorial in Washington D.C.



Yes, You DO Have Something to Wear!

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Written by A guide to surviving holiday fashion. By Samantha Erickson Photos by Katie Staige


Keeping up with a great new outfit for each gathering is exhausting and unrealistic. If just thinking about the pressure to look great and keep a jolly attitude this season already has you burned out, the good news is that you’re not alone, and help has arrived. is a new Rochester-based blog to show you how planning and creativity will take you from fall family photos to ringing in 2018 with style. 


Nothing is worse than mentally piecing together an outfit, only to find just hours (or within the hour) before your party that the look doesn’t come together or worse, doesn’t fit. Now is the time to try on all of your seasonal pieces. Nail down your basic “holiday look” and try any fun new trends ahead of time.



I Am A Beautiful Rochester Woman: Val Kleinhans

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Written by Jorrie Johnson; Phots by Dawn Sanborn Photography

Valerie Klienhans moved to Rochester in July 2016 and started working with Townsquare Media in August. She recently celebrated her one-year anniversary with Z-Rock 107.7 and Quick Country 96.5.


Val posted on Facebook, “I can’t thank you guys enough for supporting my wacky adventures (really my whole radio career since 2011!) and tuning in when you can. Some of you even helped me move up the ladder, and I can’t thank you enough for that either. Last week I mentioned how much I appreciate the creativity I can bring to these stations, and I hope to do more of the same. Thank you all! Seriously!!”  You can help Val celebrate by becoming her friend on Facebook and liking Quick Country 96.5 and Z-Rock 107.7.  

Sara Drewry Clausen, regional director of the American Heart Association, comments to Val, “You are a talented and very creative woman! Congrats on the great year already in Rochester!!!!”

Sarah Fisher Wolf says, “She has done some awesome things for Z-Rock and for the local music scene.” She tells her, “Keep doing what you do best, girl!”

Regional Operations Manager at Townsquare Media James Berry Wilde comments, “You have blossomed this past year on both. You sound great on-air and have brought tremendous energy and enthusiasm.”



I Am A Beautiful Rochester Woman: Tammy Lynn Darby

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Written by Jorrie Johnson; Phots by Dawn Sanborn Photography

Tammy Darby read I Am a Beautiful Rochester WomAn stories in Rochester Women magazine and thought it would be fun, but never expected to be featured in it herself. When she was approached with the opportunity to get a makeover at the Rochester Women’s Fall Expo last year, she jumped at the chance. 


“I love to get dressed up, and I have had a makeover once before, but I do not wear makeup on a daily basis,” explains Tammy.  “I felt like a different person, not only for the way I looked, but for stepping outside of my comfort zone and getting onstage to do the makeover at the 2016 Women’s Fall Expo. I never thought I would be strutting my stuff down a cat walk.”

She enjoyed talking with Katie Kirckof, owner of GLAM Beauty Lounge (formerly BB Make-up) before the makeover and observing what colors Katie used on her. “I would definitely recommend getting a makeover to friends and family. You may get introduced to a color or product that you normally wouldn’t consider trying and you will feel amazing,” says Tammy.  



2017 Hair Trends: Colors and Cuts for Summer

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Written by Brittney Marschall

Hair reflects the identity of an individual through personality, creativity and beauty. Here is the latest scoop from three local salons on hair trends that will help you get your glow on for the summer. 



Amber Berry, owner of Aberry Hair at Sola Salon Studios is stocking up on toner because at the top of our trend list is blonding. Blonde is no longer a pale yellow; it has become a kaleidoscope of colors from warm to cool tones. On the cool side is platinum blonde, and summer is the perfect time to make the classic change. With the addition of pastel and gray undertones, and new trends like blorange (pretty peach tones added to blonde locks), there are options to achieve any look. 


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