Food That Makes You Feel Pretty: You Are What You Eat

Written by Dawn Sanborn Photography by Dawn Sanborn Photography

How we feel determines what we eat, and in turn, what we eat affects how we feel. We want to feel good, so we should eat food that gives us the emotional response we want. However, when we’re feeling low, many of us grab chocolate because that's what makes us feel better (emotionally). Let’s take a look at natural ingredients that will make us feel better on the inside. These super foods and recipes make us feel pretty just looking at them.

The Super Foods

Stock up on these 10 superfoods. Although there are many more, you can start by eating these regularly to help yourself feel and look better than ever.


1. Toss cooked and cooled quinoa with the olive oil and some sea salt (and other spices like cinnamon and turmeric, if you are feeling adventurous), then spread on parchment lined sheet tray. 

2. Bake at 350 degrees until a little toasty (about 5 minutes). Cool and toss all salad ingredients with dressing. 


1. Whisk all ingredients, sans oil, together. 

2. Slowly add olive oil, while whisking (or in food processor) in steady stream until emulsified.

3. Season with sea salt and white pepper to taste.


1. Process grapefruit zest and organic sugar in food processor, pulsing until fragrant. 

2. Add all other ingredients and bring to a boil for 2-3 minutes. 

3. Chill. Process in ice cream maker or freeze into popsicles or granite (by freezing in a pan and scraping with a fork every hour).

Thanks to Jen Richards, owner of Rainbow Café in Pine Island, for sharing these recipes.

 Dawn Sanborn is a professional photographer and foodie to the hilt.  If you stop by her house she may just make you a gourmet meal.