Get Your Fitness On: Fun Ways to Get Fit This Summer

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Written by By Melissa McNallan, Photography by Dawn Sanborn Photography

Are you looking for some fun ways to stay in shape this summer? Try Zumba on the Plaza, pole fitness or challenge yourself to running.


Mother’s Day is about honoring what moms go through when they are pregnant with you, when you colored on the furniture with permanent markers, when you and your brother kicked a hole in the wall pretending to be ninjas or that time you stayed out late and forgot to call to tell her you were okay. It’s safe to say mothers go through a lot of stress. Mother’s Day is a great way to make sure she remembers to take care of herself first before taking care of others. 



After the Battle, Jessica Williams Helps Cancer Survivors Livestrong at the Rochester Area Family YMCA

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Written by By Laurie Simon, Photography by Dawn Sanborn Photography

Cancer is a life-encompassing ordeal. After treatment, many survivors are left facing a second battle. The body they knew before cancer is different—weakened by the destructive side effects of chemotherapy or altered by surgery. Fatigue and stress are a daily challenge, and the emotions associated with being sick can be overwhelming. Thanks to the newly launched Livestrong program at the Rochester Area Family YMCA, cancer survivors no longer have to face these challenges alone. 

Livestrong at the YMCA is a 12-week small group program for adult cancer survivors and their supporters. A joint effort of the Livestrong Foundation and YMCA of the USA, the program offers a holistic, research-based approach to help people affected by cancer reclaim their health and well-being. 


I am no stranger to back pain, so when I was asked to write this article, I jumped at the chance. I thought, now here’s a topic I know a thing or two about. I have had back pain for a good portion of my adult life, including surgery several years ago. This topic was in my wheelhouse. I wanted to get right down to the nitty-gritty and see what the experts had to say. 

Common sense teaches that proper posture is key to preventing back pain. As cute as they are, high heels and sandals do not provide your feet with appropriate support, which adds stress to your back. When you are young, you can get away with it for a while, but as you age, your body may begin to rebel. 



Blood Brothers: Shining the Spotlight on Hemophilia

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Written by By C. G. Worrell, Photography by Fagan Studios

In 1984, amidst excitement and fear, Lori Kunkel entered Methodist Hospital to deliver her first child—a boy named Jeff. Upon arrival, the infant appeared normal. Medical staff pricked his heel to perform routine blood tests. The next morning, Jeff’s heel kept bleeding, and his head had swollen beyond what was considered normal for a forceps delivery. Doctors emergently transferred him to the neonatal intensive care unit at St. Marys Hospital for further testing. Lori was stunned by the diagnosis; her beautiful son had hemophilia, a rare genetic condition that impedes blood clotting.



Coping with Grief: A Survivor’s Guide to Recovering from Loss

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Written by By Catherine H. Armstrong

Grief. It’s a life experience that’s unavoidable. It affects the young and old alike. Grief has no regard for race, color, creed, culture or gender; it shows no prejudice. It is an equal opportunity defiler of happiness.



Fitness Trackers: Fight sitting disease

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Written by Caitlin Summers


Experts agree that being more active simply means moving more during the day.1 Moving makes us healthier and even more productive.

“After reading a few articles about the health benefits of getting up from desk jobs and moving a little more throughout the day, I chose the Garmin vívofit and have been tracking my steps ever since,” comments Terri Crist. “My husband, parents and sister all have the vívofit and even though we live in different states we’re able to encourage each other to keep walking.”   

Fitbit Motivation

For a long time, the pedometer was the way to track all of the steps required to stay healthy—ten thousand per day to be exact. The problem with old pedometers is that they were inconsistent, fell off of clothing and were easily misplaced. Enter the Fitbit, which comes with catchy names such as Zip, One, Flex, Charge, ChargeHR and Surge. It’s sleek look and ease of use while tracking steps, calories and distance is a major attraction for its users. The Fitbit also has a digital clock, a silent alarm and can tell how many floors you’ve climbed. Some versions can tell when the user is sleeping. 



Living in Comfort and Peace: The Value of Hospice Care

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Written by Trish Amundson


This article is an additional feature in a series covering important topics about caring for aging parents. To view previous articles on this topic, please visit RWmagazine.com/read.

When a parent or family member faces a terminal illness or injury, hospice care can improve quality of life—and provide support for your family. 

As parents age, there may come a time for decisions about end-of-life care. Before that happens, take time to learn about hospice care. Early planning will allow you to better understand your parents’ wishes and provide your parent and family the opportunity to receive a full complement of hospice benefits and services.

Three local women share how hospice care makes a compassionate difference in end-of-life care: 

  • Jacquelyn (Johnson) Gosse learned about and experienced hospice services when her father quickly became terminally ill.
  • Beverly Hayne, executive director of Seasons Hospice, provides hospice care to patients through the community-based, nonprofit organization.
  • Sherry Rengstorf, RN, patient care coordinator and nurse for the Mayo Clinic Hospice program, considers hospice care the most rewarding work she has ever done.


Olmsted Medical Center Opens Women’s Health Pavilion

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Written by Jennifer Gangloff


Olmsted Medical Center Opens Women’s Health Pavilion

The new Women’s Health Pavilion at Olmsted Medical Center (OMC) brings the best of medicine and the comforts of home together under one roof. Patients at the new care center find gently curving walls, spacious rooms, luxurious soaking tubs, customized regional art displays, gourmet coffee service and yes, even a fireplace. “This is going to be a family environment, like a home away from home,” says James Hoffmann, D.O., medical vice president of hospital and surgical services at OMC. “People will feel comfortable through the whole process when they step inside.”



Exercising Women's Rights

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Written by Pat Garry


Title IX Celebrates 40 Years of Supporting Women in Sports

Early feminist crusades measured equality in sport as one of the fronts by which women could validate their equality to men. While the collective population proclaimed that women were incapable of coping with the rigors and physicality of competitive sport, 19th-century women’s rights activist Elizabeth Cady Stanton quashed this myth by arguing, “We cannot say what the woman might be physically, if the girl were allowed all the freedom of the boy in romping, climbing, swimming, playing hoop and ball.”


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