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Written by Marlene Petersen


Don’t worry; be happy. Live, love, laugh. Every day society offers well-meaning idioms about reducing stress. But as days shrink and “things to do” lists grow, they may not be particularly effective.

Two programs in Rochester—Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (“MBSR”) and Stress Management And Resiliency Training (“SMART”)—offer more useful advice to help a reactive, stressful mind become a focused, joyful one.



Clear the Drive and the Calories

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Written by Jessica Peterson

clear-the-drive-and-caloriesAs the first snow blankets the ground this winter, it may be daunting to think of lugging on boots, gloves and a coat and clearing your driveway of that white, fluffy nuisance. This season, park the snow blower, grab a good shovel and envision that mundane chore as an invigorating, yet surprisingly effective, workout.

Health benefits
Like speed walking or an active game of tennis, shoveling is a moderate to vigorous aerobic activity. Its benefits include increased heart rate and oxygen uptake, elevated blood pressure, effective calorie burning, a clean driveway and no commute to the gym.


Most women know monitoring gynecological health requires monthly self-conducted breast examinations, yearly pelvic and breast exams, regular Pap smears (i.e., every other year for women ages 21-29, once every three years for those over 30) and yearly mammograms after age 40.

But what happens if you experience unfamiliar symptoms? When should you see a clinician? Is there anything you can do to prepare for the appointment? What questions do you ask her?


Your alarm goes off early in the morning. You jump out of bed happy and excited to go to work. At your job, you’re energized, engaged and successful, which ultimately maximizes the company’s productivity. It doesn’t feel like work; instead, it’s motivating, fulfilling and fun. Work isn’t just your job, it’s your passion.

Sound impossible?

Realize Your Passions
That is exactly what the organizers of the first annual Renew Women’s Retreat hope you will find at the event—a weekend of self-discovery, personal growth, education and relationship building that has the capacity to give you back to you.



Sneaking Science into Summer

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Written by Marlene Petersen

0035Jobs in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) are expected to grow by 17 percent through 2018—nearly double that of other fields—but only one in four of those jobs are currently held by women, according to a study by the Institute for Women’s Policy Research. So how do we get our children, especially girls, excited about STEM? Summer camps!

Science fun

Just as innovative moms have learned to sneak spinach and blueberries into chocolate cupcakes while maintaining their delectability, several camps in Rochester are sneaking science into summer while keeping them fun.



Getting Your Family Groove On

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Written by Emily Watkins

0023May. The month we celebrate mothers. What do you usually give your mom for Mother’s Day? If you are a mother, I bet some of your favorite gifts aren’t material goods but time spent with your kids. What better thing to do with your children than exercise with them?

Active at Home

Ideas in a jar. Write down activities on slips of paper and put them in a jar. When you need something to do, pick a slip and get busy. Some ideas: do 50 jumping jacks, run around the block, boogie around your kitchen, go bowling, go fishing, work in your garden or go for a hike. Have races in the backyard or at a nearby park (three-legged race, anyone?).


0037Jill Daniels considers herself blessed. Preeclampsia turned her first pregnancy into a life-threatening situation and cast a shadow of fear over her next two pregnancies.

    In recognition and gratitude for having three healthy children, Daniels is helping to organize the Minnesota Promise Walk for Preeclampsia™ in Rochester on May 12.

Frightening diagnosis

Like many women, Daniels knew little about preeclampsia before being diagnosed with it 31 weeks into her pregnancy. “At a routine prenatal check up my doctor noticed that I seemed to be retaining fluids and there was an increase in my blood pressure.”



Reluctant Runner - A couch-to-5K story

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Written by Daniell Allen

0042Running definitely wasn’t my usual cup of tea. My usual cup had vodka in it. So when I initially told my friends and family that I was going to train for a 5K, I had to wait a substantial amount of time before the laughter subsided enough for me to explain why.

    Indeed, that was the big question. Why? Why would I, a girl who once constructed a four-foot poker out of chopsticks and straws to change the channels on my TV because I was too lazy to put new batteries in my remote, want to do something as strenuous as running?


0037Empowerment, encouragement and enthusiasm. These three powerful words will come alive at the “She Is” Women’s Spring Weekend, May 18–20, at Eagle Bluff Environmental Learning Center outside of Lanesboro.

    The all-women event (formerly known as the Women in the Outdoors program) offers indoor and outdoor activities. Fly fishing, canoeing, biking, rock climbing, firearms, crafting and of course Eagle Bluff’s Tree Tops Ropes Course are a few of the more than 20 activities offered. Instructors are knowledgeable, patient and safety-conscious, and they teach participants everything they need to know about a given class.


0015By now you’ve surely heard of it. Zumba®: the hot and spicy fitness class, with its unprecedented phenomenon of inspiring excitement about exercise.

    For the past 10 years it has been spreading exponentially worldwide, far from its humble beginnings in Columbia, where flustered instructor, Beto Perez, having forgotten aerobics music, improvised with Latin music he had in his backpack. From this “mistake” was born a modality with sexy music and steps that blur the line between working out and dancing at a club.


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