The last time I saw Vegas

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Written by C.J. Fosdick

My husband and I don’t travel well together. Besides our tendency to get lost, it’s a given that one of us will get sick on vacation. Our last vacation to Las Vegas went with the odds.

    Our daughter agreed to care for our dog and six horses during our annual trip to visit Sin City friends. With no direct flight to Vegas from Rochester, we booked a flight out of Minneapolis, deciding to drive up to St. Paul a day early, take in the annual Horse Expo, get a hotel room near the airport and leave our car
at the hotel. It was going to be so simple.


0006I was in the back corner of my hometown Kmart when I experienced that moment that every child eventually does—the moment I first realized my teacher didn’t live in her classroom.

    There she was, my beloved fourth grade teacher, and she was wearing—gasp— jeans! With a purse slung over her shoulder and a couple of kids tagging alongside the cart, she smiled as if it was the most normal thing in the world to bump into each other near the Blue Light Special.


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