Recycled Creations: You Can Make at Home

Written by Melissa Eggler


In this easy-to-make craft, you’ll recycle some buttons and an old piece of wood to create a beautiful “Love” wall hanging.

Many of us have our grandma’s vintage button tin stored away with gorgeous antique buttons hiding in it. I have several of these, and because I love buttons so much, I decided to showcase them in this unique wall hanging, instead of keeping them hidden. Because I’m such a recycler, I began by thinking of items I had around the house that I could use as a background piece. My goal when creating something recycled is to spend little or no money on supplies.

A friend recently gifted me several pieces of leftover beadboard she used when she remodeled her bathroom. She said, “Melissa, I know you can do something with these,” and she was right. This was the perfect material for this project.

I envisioned the buttons creating a three-dimensional design on the beadboard, and that is when the “Love” wall hanging was born. This is so easy that anyone, including children, can make this into a cherished gift using their grandma’s special buttons.

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Melissa Eggler resides in Rochester and is an artist with her own Facebook page entitled “Don’t Judge A Book” Recycle Creations with nearly 500 fans.