Revive Your Jive!

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Written by Rochester Women Magazine Staff


The upside of aging: We’re more comfortable in the skin we’re in! The downside: Our skin begins to look lived in. If you’re looking to do a little remodeling or just put some pep in your step, check out these products and services that strive to smooth away the years we’ve weathered.



Triple Treasure

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Written by Susanne Novak


Three sisters' creativity draws hundreds to their annual market

Shoppers who appreciate the energy required to transform an old, discarded item into something new and interesting will thoroughly enjoy the Vintage Treasures Market in Fountain, Minn., June 13–15. Now in its fifth year, the market draws people from across the area, all searching for The Item that will become a conversation piece.



Spring into Green

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Written by Jill Swanson

spring-into-greenReuse, recycle, refresh your wardrobe at local consignment stores

Printed scarf, Size it Up, $8
Pebbled-leather purse, Size it Up, $12

Shopping consignment not only saves you money, it helps protect the earth by offering gently used clothing instead of depleting materials and energy to manufacture and ship new ones. Plus, the clothes are gorgeous.



Buying Rocks

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Written by Barbara Hight-Randall and Marlene Petersen

buying-rocksDo you find buying gems confusing? Check out these tips from Certified Gemologist Appraiser Barbara Hight-Randall.



Favorite Things

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Written by RW Magazine Staff


Our staff's picks for gifts made and sold locally.

Marlene Petersen

1. Hand-carved child's spinning top by Rochester artist David Dunn, SEMVA Art Gallery, www.SEMVA.com, 281-4920.

2. Organic, gourmet cupcakes homemade in Winona by Mon Petit Cupcake, www.monpetitcupcake.com, 358-8504; also sold in Rochester at Chocolaterie Stam, Shops at University Square.


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