Sherlock, Shakespeare and Smoked Duck

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Written by Alison Rentschler


If you’re looking for an evening getaway this summer, a 30-45 minute drive could find you solving a mystery with the world’s greatest detective or witnessing treasonous murder in a Scottish castle at one of the excellent theatres in southeastern Minnesota. To make the outing irresistible, try our recommended spots for dinner before or after the show.



Today's Traveling Women

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Written by K.L. Snyder


“People get so excited about travel,” says Peggy Nixa, certified travel counselor and field manager for the Rochester/Burnsville AAA office. “And no wonder. It’s fun to see cultures and sights and make memories.”

According to Nixa, 90–95 percent of travel plans and decisions are made by women. With that in mind, Nixa organized a club four years ago in Burnsville specially designed for women of all ages interested in travel called Today’s Traveling Women (TTW). The club presents opportunities to learn about different destinations, gain travel tips and meet other women who love to travel.



Old Fashioned Christmas in Wabasha

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Written by Kristina Larson


If you’re looking for an affordable way to create lasting family memories this holiday season, follow the winding Mississippi to the charming river town of Wabasha where, on December 1, it hosts its sixth annual Old Fashioned Christmas.

Reminiscent of a Normal Rockwell painting, this free event enchants holiday-lovers of all ages with everything from window gazing to carolers spreading cheery classics through the crisp air.


coasting-through-colorsThe Root River State Trail is a 60-mile long paved recreational trail in Southeastern Minnesota running from Fountain to Houston. Built on what was formerly the Milwaukee Railroad bed, it wanders through skyrocketing bluffs, quaint towns, serene countryside and along the peaceful Root River. On an autumn Sunday afternoon, it beckons cyclists of all ages and rewards them with incredible vistas of the river and the trail’s gem-like leaves.


0001Rhubarb Festival

For those who crave rhubarb this time of year, Lanesboro—the rhubarb capital—is the place to be on June 2. Lanesboro’s annual Rhubarb Festival is all about the tart, red plant that we in the Midwest seem to love.

    In Sylvan Park, you can sample everything from pies and bars to chutneys and locally grown unique creations. There will also be a contest for the largest rhubarb leaf and the heaviest stalk.

    If you’re not a fan of rhubarb’s practical uses, join Jess Abrahamson and Ted Schmidt from the KTTC Morning Show as they kick off the Rhubarb Games. These include the popular Rhubarb Stalk Throw, Rhubarb Hoops and Green Eggs and Rhubarb. The games are open to children and adults.



Mining Rochester's Creative Community

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Written by Matthew Bluhm & Maria Bartholdi

There’s no place like Rochester. Not when it comes to putting together a documentary show that features the best of arts, culture, and history in southeastern Minnesota.

    Throughout the three seasons of Off 90, Rochester has consistently proved to be a fountain of fantastic stories. Amazing people and organizations make Rochester a rich tapestry. Here are some of our favorite Rochester moments from Off 90.        


0018If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to try new experiences in your community, you’re in luck. Even in winter months, the Mississippi River region offers festivals and activities to entertain the entire family. So don’t hibernate—get out and explore!


0008It is easy to put off spending quality time with your family, spouse or close friends. Before the summer slips away, plan a leisurely day trip that includes the festivities and events in the quaint communities along the Lake Pepin shorelines and Mississippi River bluffs.

Winona: Shakespeare and Beethoven

Winona is simply a summer hot spot of events. It is one of 12 towns celebrating Legacy Destination Weekend, July 15–17. The Winona History Center ( has family-friendly activities, including building paper boats or a Winona postcard.


0007The “Land Down Under” has risen to the top in dream destinations. Australian tourism has seen an incredible boost due to a variety of factors, including competitive airfare, social networking, and Oprah Winfrey’s highly publicized visit.

    While romantic images of the Sydney Opera House, koala bears and kangaroos have long been associated with Australia, savvy travelers know that the smallest continent is also one of the most intriguing places on earth. From the red desert sands to the lush tropical rainforests, from the sun-drenched beaches to the spectacular skyscrapers, Australia is a wonderland of diversity.


July2011981copyHaving lived in Amish country my whole life, the idea of going on an Amish tour seemed strange, yet I found myself excited when I was offered a tour by Joan Ruen from Bluffscape Amish Tours.

    Ruen has been operating Bluffscape in Lanesboro since 2007 after purchasing an existing Amish tour business. Her background as a teacher was evident throughout the tour as we were given fascinating information on the history of Amish in America and the Amish culture in general.


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