Reluctant Runner - A couch-to-5K story

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Written by Daniell Allen

0042Running definitely wasn’t my usual cup of tea. My usual cup had vodka in it. So when I initially told my friends and family that I was going to train for a 5K, I had to wait a substantial amount of time before the laughter subsided enough for me to explain why.

    Indeed, that was the big question. Why? Why would I, a girl who once constructed a four-foot poker out of chopsticks and straws to change the channels on my TV because I was too lazy to put new batteries in my remote, want to do something as strenuous as running?



Mining Rochester's Creative Community

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Written by Matthew Bluhm & Maria Bartholdi

There’s no place like Rochester. Not when it comes to putting together a documentary show that features the best of arts, culture, and history in southeastern Minnesota.

    Throughout the three seasons of Off 90, Rochester has consistently proved to be a fountain of fantastic stories. Amazing people and organizations make Rochester a rich tapestry. Here are some of our favorite Rochester moments from Off 90.        


0037Empowerment, encouragement and enthusiasm. These three powerful words will come alive at the “She Is” Women’s Spring Weekend, May 18–20, at Eagle Bluff Environmental Learning Center outside of Lanesboro.

    The all-women event (formerly known as the Women in the Outdoors program) offers indoor and outdoor activities. Fly fishing, canoeing, biking, rock climbing, firearms, crafting and of course Eagle Bluff’s Tree Tops Ropes Course are a few of the more than 20 activities offered. Instructors are knowledgeable, patient and safety-conscious, and they teach participants everything they need to know about a given class.


0038Hattie Mayo was a true Rochesterite. Born in Rochester on May 4, 1864 as Hattie May Damon, she was the daughter of the town jeweler, Eleazer Damon, and his wife, Caroline Warner Damon. Hattie was raised an only child when her family lost her older sister Emma.

    In 1868, William Worall Mayo, father to Will and Charlie Mayo, and then a prominent member of the school board, had Rochester build the up-to-date Central School. Though only four years old, Hattie loved playing at the school and often could be seen sliding down its stone banisters. Her father decided she might as well attend the school for an education. Hattie was always a good student who loved to draw and read.



The Age of Hereafter - A case of mistaken identity

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Written by Laurie Helmers

0044I was a woman on a mission again. I’m always trying to do too many things in too short a time, but as a self-proclaimed champion multi-tasker, I’m usually successful. So as I raced my cart toward the busy checkout lanes, I scanned for the shortest line. There it was—only one couple paying and no one waiting.

    I slid into line and exchanged a quick glance of acknowledgment with the woman in front of me. Seconds later, we caught each other in another glance. Then the man glanced at me. If we’d all had cartoon word bubbles above our heads, they’d have had captions like: “I think I know you, but I’m not sure, and I’m too embarrassed to start a conversation in case I’m wrong.”



From the Editor - Jan/Feb 2012

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Written by Ellington Miller

0004Sometimes, when I’m frantically running from one job/gig/appointment/event to the next, I look around, watching people around me doing the same running. I know it’s standard procedure this time of year to resolve to do more of some things, less of others. Every January I look longingly at the cushy canvas chair I bought in 2001 and envision myself enveloped in it, reading. But in order to get to that poor chair I’d have to change my entire life structure.  I’m simply too busy.



Pet Q & A

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Written by Sara Reusche


Q My dog has never really been around little kids. The other day we met a toddler when we were out walking. I said he could pet her because her tail was wagging, but then she snapped at him! Now I’m worried because she’s unpredictable. What can I do?


0020What’s the difference between ordinary and extraordinary?
A little “extra!”

    The Extraordinary Rochester Women Award recognizes women who  have made a difference by giving a little “extra” to inspire others and to make their own lives the best they can be. We are proud to introduce: Cathy Tisel Nelson, who uses her musical gifts to help others see their own talents; Julie Goodman, a nurse, wife and mother who answered the call for caregiving even after she retired; Christy Cass, a youth group leader who is a true model of living; Melissa Eagle Uhlmann, a teacher of refugees who fosters classes into family units; and Kelly McDonough, who treats her employees like family.


0015By now you’ve surely heard of it. Zumba®: the hot and spicy fitness class, with its unprecedented phenomenon of inspiring excitement about exercise.

    For the past 10 years it has been spreading exponentially worldwide, far from its humble beginnings in Columbia, where flustered instructor, Beto Perez, having forgotten aerobics music, improvised with Latin music he had in his backpack. From this “mistake” was born a modality with sexy music and steps that blur the line between working out and dancing at a club.


0014If you’ve only gotten to know Lori Nierman within the last couple of years or so, there’s something that you might not know about her.

    Nierman, 49, survived a heart attack in 2006. As the spokesperson for February’s American Heart Association (AHA) Go Red event in Rochester, Nierman is ready to tell her story.

    It starts on Easter Sunday in 2006. After returning home from a family event, Nierman noticed “a weird feeling behind my shoulder blades, kind of like a burning.” No stranger to recurring back pain, Nierman dismissed it.


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