Recipe: Spinach Cheese Bread

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Written by RW

00081. Spinach was purchased from Thorson Farms; whole wheat flour and cheese from Prairie Hollow Farm; sugar, salt and white flour from the Good Food Store; eggs from Dawn’s own lovely chickens.

2. Bunch fresh spinach leaves together press on cutting board and chop through with a sharp knife.

3. Mix ingredients well in a bowl until thoroughly blended and dough appears to hold together.


0025In addition to granite countertops and mahogany hardwood floors, there’s another trend in the building industry: women as leaders. Two local women are leading the Rochester Area Builders, Southeastern Minnesota’s professional organization for the building industry.


0007Dairy farmers Anne and Don Borgschatz were not surprised when their modernized farmhouse in Plainview won the 2011 Rochester Area Builder’s Fall Showcase of Homes People’s Choice award.

    “I knew that we liked the house, and that other people who had come through the house liked it,” Anne said. “I think it won because of the layout. We are farmers so our business is not just a business; it is a lifestyle, so we have to have things in a certain order to make sense. The comment that I heard most often was that it is a very practical house.”



Remodelers Corner - Jan/Feb 2012

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Written by Penny Marshall

0001Karen and Joel Eikenhorst’s 1980’s master bathroom was outdated. “It was dark, the sink was low, we had a whirlpool we didn’t use and we wanted a more contemporary look to blend with the rest of the house,” said Karen Eikenhorst.

    It was an easy decision to contact Karen Blissenbach, ASID, owner of Design Studio B. Blissenbach was familiar with the Eikenhorst’s taste since she’d worked with them on remodeling projects in the past. “There are so many wonderful touches that come from working with a designer,” said Karen Eikenhorst.


Although the mirror in your living room is unlikely to tell you who is the fairest of them all, the type of mirror you choose may still say something about you. From a demure antique bench in a mudroom to a brilliant, modern vase in a foyer, room décor not only enhances the home, it is an opportunity for self-expression.


0013Keeping up with the motto “We Have a Class for That!” demands adaptability and versatility. The Center for Business and Workforce Education (BWE) at Rochester Community and Technical College has both.

    BWE designs and delivers employee training programs for area businesses. What kinds of training? A full sweep. “You bring us the topic; we’ll find the class,” says Abbey Hellickson, M.Ed., workforce development specialist. “BWE will adapt to businesses’ specific needs.”


0018If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to try new experiences in your community, you’re in luck. Even in winter months, the Mississippi River region offers festivals and activities to entertain the entire family. So don’t hibernate—get out and explore!



The Avalon Hotel - Paving the way for racial equality in Rochester

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Written by Matthew Bluhm & Maria Bartholdi

0027It’s hard to believe, but there was a time not so long ago in Rochester when the color of your skin determined if you could be served at a restaurant or stay at a hotel.

    In the early 1940s, Rochester was basically a white man’s club.Eventually, amid the racially charged climate, something had to change—and it did—at the Avalon Hotel.


0005"Enter to Grow in Wisdom” is carved into the front of Rochester Public Library. “Whether you enter through the library building or through the library website, I encourage you to use your library to become informed, engaged, enlightened and entertained,” says director Audrey Betcher on rochesterpubliclibrary.org. Here are three ways to do so.



Fantasies of Self-Reform

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Written by Amy Brase

0003Never again will I approach a grocery store without a meal plan. No more aimless filling of the cart! In fact, there’s a smartphone app that’s going to compose my grocery list and transform our family dinners. At least, that’s what my friend Heather says. She’s using it so I’m going to try it, too.


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