Today's Traveling Women

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Written by K.L. Snyder


“People get so excited about travel,” says Peggy Nixa, certified travel counselor and field manager for the Rochester/Burnsville AAA office. “And no wonder. It’s fun to see cultures and sights and make memories.”

According to Nixa, 90–95 percent of travel plans and decisions are made by women. With that in mind, Nixa organized a club four years ago in Burnsville specially designed for women of all ages interested in travel called Today’s Traveling Women (TTW). The club presents opportunities to learn about different destinations, gain travel tips and meet other women who love to travel.



From the Editor: Nov/Dec 2012

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Written by Marlene Petersen


Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. The smell of roast turkey wafts throughout the house. Sugar-crusted pecan pie waits on the hutch for coffee and conversation. Loved ones bustle in, shaking the last of fall off their coats, knowing the white chill of winter is just around the corner. It welcomes all ages and faiths. It is uniquely American, begun by people who built more graves than homes but who were thankful nonetheless. It quiets my Post-Modern grousing.



Pet Q & A - Nov/Dec 2012

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Written by Sara Reusche

pet-qa-novdec2012Q: We’re planning to get my elderly grandmother a pet for Christmas because she’s lonely. Is it better to get her an adult cat or a kitten?

A: While there are many reasons to give a pet as a gift, experts advise against doing so. Dogs and cats are a 10–15 year commitment and entail significant ongoing costs and care.



It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Umbrian Christmas

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Written by Trish Amundson


If you’re dreaming of something other than a white Christmas, look no further than Assisi Heights where the Sisters of Saint Francis will host Umbrian Christmas III on December 1, 2 and 8.

Representing Italy in location and spirit, this three-day celebration takes place in Assisi Height’s beautiful Romanesque setting and includes festivities reminiscent of Italy’s Umbrian hill towns.

Enjoy the sights, music and tastes of the Italian region, while engaging in the holiday ambiance of a special community event.



Captivating Character

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Written by Bob Freund


Melissa Brandt’s mind flashes back to a scene in her mother-in-law’s home: bunched together on a small silver tray stood 10–15 bottles of Opi nail polish.

“They all were the same color,” she recalls. A dark, rosy pink.

Melissa jots down such slices of life for future scripts.



Magnificent Menagerie

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Written by Amanda Wingren


Charmingly situated in the back corner of the Peace Plaza downtown, SEMVA Art Gallery is more than just a neat exhibition of local art. SEMVA, which stands for Southeastern Minnesota Visual Artists, is a vibrant community of over 70 local artists.

Comprised exclusively of artisans from Southeastern Minnesota, SEMVA thrives through its collective members who pay monthly rent for exhibit space and work volunteer shifts within the gallery to display and sell their masterpieces. From handling burst pipes in the ceiling to balancing the books, all the artists do their part to bring fantastic creations to Rochester.

The Gallery
The gallery is an experience in itself. Bright, with a friendly ambiance, the outer walls showcase photography and paintings, while the center focuses on handmade jewelry and three-dimensional art from eye-catching, silk-dyed garments to one-of-a-kind sculptures by Tom Evans made from found objects, such as mechanical parts and small plastic dolls.



Simple Gift Tags Tutorial

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Written by Amy Liebl



• Plain paper tags or hand-cut tags, any color
• Scissors
• Thin, double-sided tape (1/4” wide used here)
• Fine glitter in color of choice
• Embellishment of choice
• White craft glue




Favorite Things

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Written by RW Magazine Staff


Our staff's picks for gifts made and sold locally.

Marlene Petersen

1. Hand-carved child's spinning top by Rochester artist David Dunn, SEMVA Art Gallery, www.SEMVA.com, 281-4920.

2. Organic, gourmet cupcakes homemade in Winona by Mon Petit Cupcake, www.monpetitcupcake.com, 358-8504; also sold in Rochester at Chocolaterie Stam, Shops at University Square.



Sweet (but small) Endings

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Written by Margo Stich


Sometimes less really is more, like when family and friends gather ‘round the holiday table and the event turns into a feast. Finishing off all that food with a heavy cake or pie seems too much…yet the thought of a little something sweet beckons. Perhaps then, one (or two) decadent nibbles might be the “less” that is more.

This holiday season try one of the following recipes for “bitty bites” to round out your repast. Replete with dark chocolate and cream cheese, warmly spiced pecans, cashews and almonds, the zing of cherries balanced with a hint of coffee or the tangy-sweetness of cranberry and orange blended with rich hazelnuts, these miniature desserts may be just what your sweet tooth desires.



How to: Spinach Soufflé

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Written by Margo Stich


1/4 cup each margarine and all-purpose flour
3/4 cup 2% milk
1/16 tsp. black pepper
Dash of salt
1/2 lb. American cheese slices
1 (10–oz.) pkg. frozen chopped spinach, thawed* and well
6 crisply cooked bacon slices, crumbled
2 Tbsp. finely chopped onion
4 eggs, separated, saving whites and yolks**
1/4 tsp. cream of tartar


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