0016Most home gardeners have dreamt of a picture-perfect landscape with flowers bursting with color from spring until fall. This year, turn that dream into a reality by planning and planting perennial flowering plants.

    Perennials are those lovelies that bloom year after year and usually propagate themselves, allowing you to expand your garden at no extra cost. They are available in an incredible array of colors, textures and heights—not only flowers but foliage and bushes.



Remodeler's Corner - Sep/Oct '11

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Written by Nicole L. Czarnomski

0019Not one, not two, but three renovations have modernized Ron and Sheryl Peterson’s 1960’s ranch style home in Southwest Rochester.

    When they purchased the home eight years ago, an inspector advised the couple to replace the old flat roof on the porch with a new sloped roof. They agreed, and some time later they updated not only the porch, but the bathroom and front entry.



Affordable Custom Homes

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Written by RAB

0013If you thought you couldn’t afford a custom home, Fieldstone Family Homes wants the opportunity to change your mind.

    Brothers Trent and Troy Johnson along with Bryan Wolfe started the business in 2008 after working in the construction industry with their father who was a builder. Based in Lakeville, Minn., their goal is combining the best service with value.



Road to Recovery

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Written by Amy Brase

0012As an unprecedented heat wave strikes Minnesota, Tiffany Hunsley checks on the children playfully bobbing up and down in their backyard pool. The air conditioner is broken but the house is bustling with life.

    Tiffany’s partner, Bill, daughter Amberly (24), sons Harley (9) and Ryder (8), granddaughter Angela (4) and two friends recovering from substance addiction all share a home in southeast Rochester.

    More friends join the scene on Saturday nights for a backyard bonfire and “clean” party. Life is good now.  



On the Mat - Life lessons in 30 days of yoga

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Written by Marlene Petersen

0023This spring, my friend Michelle and I decided to do yoga for 30 consecutive days. Our motivation: she, a veteran yoga instructor, was opening her own studio and wanted to teach in her new space; I wished to be in better shape before my 40th birthday. So, we set the day and time to begin, Saturday, June 25, 2011, 6:30 a.m.


0015All right ladies! It’s time to take ‘em off and hang ‘em high!

   The third annual Bras for a Cause event is set for Saturday,
October 8, 3–5 p.m. Sponsored by Rochester Toyota/Rochester Ford and Clear Channel Radio, the event raises money to increase breast cancer awareness.

    For each bra collected, sponsors donate $1 to Join the Journey, a non-profit organization whose mission is to increase awareness and provide support for newly diagnosed cancer patients through educational material, financial support and more. The donated bras then go to the charitable organizations in the community, such as the Women’s Shelter and the Salvation Army.


0001Judy Williams has enjoyed a life-long love of the water, whether canoeing in the Boundary Waters or taking a float trip down the Zumbro River. The water has soothed her soul, calmed her mind and helped heal her body.

    So when Williams was diagnosed this past December with breast cancer for the second time and her ailing daughter’s own health worsened, she found it more difficult to make her way to the water—just when she needed it most.

    But now, thanks to the Healing Waters Project, the water has come to her. In late July, Mike Otte, owner of Whitewater Gardens in St. Charles, and a volunteer crew constructed a pondless waterfall in the backyard of Williams’s Rochester home.


0014“I think the problem is her attitude.”
   “She needs to be held accountable.”
   “If she’d just try harder.”

    She is my daughter, Elizabeth. She has attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and dyslexia. These statements have been made by me, my husband and school personnel, all (or at least mostly all) with the best of intentions.



Adjusting to life after deployment

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Written by Anna Matetic

0021“Traffic lights and signs didn’t really mean a lot to me when I came back,” said Jason Schweitzer, “because they didn’t really mean anything when I was in Iraq.”

    First Sergeant Jason Schweitzer served in Iraq with the 2-135th Infantry Battalion, Minnesota Army National Guard. To many, traffic and road construction aren’t a big obstacle. But considering that many roads
in Iraq are torn up with barricades everywhere, traffic and construction are just one more thing soldiers have to readjust to upon their return.



From the Editor - Sep/Oct 2011

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Written by Ellington Miller

0007The best part about working on this magazine is meeting the women willing to share their stories, because not all stories are easy to tell, and not all of them have happy endings. I read some and think, “I don’t know how she endured that” or “I wish I had the guts to do what she did.”

    However, each story represents a woman living among us, and the struggles she faces easily could be our struggles. Seldom do we choose our challenges; we rise to them.


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