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Brenda Dahlstrom of Hers

Brenda Dahlstrom

Brenda Dahlstrom is passionate about clothing and accessories—and it shows! She is the co-owner of the two Hers boutiques, along with her husband, Bruce. 

Hers has been helping women find unequaled clothing and accessories for over three decades. As second-generation owners, Brenda and Bruce Dahlstrom are carrying on the family tradition of offering the latest in fashion. Both of their Hers boutiques are on Peace Plaza nestled in the heart of downtown Rochester—conveniently located steps away from the world-renowned Mayo Clinic. Each store has its own personality, so be sure to visit both: One is in The Shops at University Square and the other is in The Grand Shops of Kahler. 

Both boutiques cater to discerning shoppers seeking fun and trendy must-have items that will be fashionable for more than one fleeting season. Hers specializes in great jackets, stylish tops and jeans you won’t find elsewhere. In addition, they delight their customers by carrying wow factor jewelry, scarves and handbags for that finished look. 

111 South Broadway   |   Rochester, MN 55904 
107 1st St. SW   |   Rochester, MN 55902   | 

Heather Donovan of Sterling State Bank

Sterling State Bank

Heather Donovan graduated from Arizona State with an Accounting Management degree. She held her real estate license for 10 years and then transitioned into banking. She has advanced at Sterling State Bank over the last 10 years, from Credit Analyst/Loan Processor to Assistant Vice President in Home and Commercial Lending. She will work with you to find the right financial solutions to help you bring your own unique goals and dreams within reach. Sterling State Bank is a community bank where decisions can be made quickly and transparently. 

Heather was raised and currently resides with her husband and two young daughters in Byron. She supports the community, serving on the following boards and committees: Vice President of RCTC Foundation, Bolder Options, Byron Community Foundation, Byron Good Neighbor Day, Interconnection, and Jeremiah Program. Heather has a passion to help and facilitate others achieving their own successes. She developed Sterling State Bank’s Women in Business quarterly events. This event supports and uplifts women in our business community and connects them with resources each and every one of us have. She consistently works to connect customers and community members with the resources they need to be successful in business and life. “When my customers succeed, I succeed.” 

102 South Broadway  |  Rochester, MN 55904   |   507-282-1845   | 

Denise Stegall of The Happy Living Coach


 The Happy Living Coach 

 Hi, I’m Denise Stegall, The Happy Living Coach. I help business women who are in that “what’s next” phase of life to build their dreams, create results, and craft richer, more fulfilling lives. I inspire businesswomen to see life in a new way, to optimize their health, find joy and ultimately love the life they live. 

My programs and workshops focus on three pillars of success: Eat Real Food, Make Good Decisions and Be Accountable. Within the pillars we delve into nutrition, movement, dream creation, mindset, goal setting, decision making and personal development. 

I am also the founder of Living Healthy List. Whether you seek answers on health and wellness, relationships, career, finance or fun our goal is to connect you with the real, honest answers and guidance you need from experts that you can trust. All in one place. 

Our experts providing you with the current, interesting, pertinent and fun information are leaders in their industry. Our goal is help you approach your health and wellness, relationship and personal development goals differently. 

No longer must you spend hours on the internet searching for answers and finding none. You’ll find the answers you seek on   |   507-202-1034   | 

Grow where you are planted

With this March/April 2019 issue of Rochester Women magazine, we enter our 20th year and the 12th annual Rochester Women’s Business & Resource Directory featuring 25 women on the cover, but who’s counting? We are all thrilled we made it through the harsh winter, and it is finally springtime. 

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Beyond Self-Esteem: Know your worth

There are certain words and concepts that are so overused in our culture that they end up meaning everything and nothing at all. Self-esteem is one such concept. Poor self-esteem is thought to be the cause of everything from childhood behavioral problems to adult interpersonal difficulties. Esteem for oneself is surely a contributing factor for a host of issues; however, many researchers are beginning to question the concept of self-esteem and the importance of it in successful adult identity and relationship formation. Instead, the idea of self-worth is emerging as a more helpful concept for explaining the sense of value in self and relationships that is so often missing in people’s lives.

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Pam Mensink: A woman with passion and purpose

Passionate: That’s Pam Mensink. She is passionate about her family. Her face beams and her eyes light up when she speaks of her grandchildren. Mensink is passionate about the Rochester community. She is a member of the Sunrisers Kiwanis Club where she is active in the club’s purpose of improving the well-being of youth and elderly people in Rochester. Mensink is passionate about her job at Madonna Meadows Assisted Living Community, where she supports residents and families during what can be a challenging transition to assisted living.  

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Get a Coach: Live your best life

Health coaching has been recognized as one of the fastest growing careers of the decade and the fastest growing source of employment in our economy. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, health coaching is expected to grow 21.9 percent by 2022.   

The medical community recognizes the power and value of health coaching. Dr. Mark Hyman and Dr. Dean Ornish, both well-known thought leaders in the world of health and wellness, believe that “lifestyle medicine” or “lifestyle change” is the future of health care.

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Microneedling: Enhancing skin’s appearance through collagen induction therapy

Confidence, grace, and wisdom are just a few attributes that come with age. Now in my 30s, and more confident, graceful and a bit wiser (than in my 20s), I think about aging and skincare.   

Tanning beds, sunbathing and acne really take their toll on our delicate skin, leaving scars, wrinkles and sun spots. Dr. Srdan Babovic, a plastic surgeon at Olmsted Medical Center, says microneedling helps patients boost confidence and is backed by science to improve the look of skin by reducing the appearance of fine lines, pigment changes and acne scars. Dr. Babovic and his team perform this treatment using an FDA-approved Dermapen. Dr. Babovic believes that using science and data are important when choosing the right treatments. 

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Asian-American Cuisine: Exploring ethnic food without traveling around the globe

There are numerous types of Asian cuisine, reflecting its diverse history and culture. As the modern Asian-American population evolves, the transformation of Asian ethnic cuisine continues to blend traditional and contemporary styles and flavors into Asian-American cuisine.  

While there is a great deal of variety from one regional cuisine to another, the overriding commonality is that Asian cuisine is simply delicious. With an explosion of flavor in every bite, it’s always fun to dine at an Asian restaurant—whether it’s the food, the chopsticks, interior decor or the personable wait staff—it always seems like a special occasion. 

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