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Mompreneur Jennifer Becker

Building a business with creativity and confidence
By Tori Utley  
Photography by Fagan Studios

As many entrepreneurs know, where there’s no risk, there’s no reward. Bringing a great idea to light requires the courage to step out—often unsure of the outcome—with confidence, passion and tenacity. Continue reading

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One day this spring, my daughter Tiffany and I went get makeovers at the new Ulta Beauty store in Rochester. I have always told her that being beautiful on the outside doesn’t matter if you are ugly on the inside. As I age, I’m even more inclined to focus on goodness rather than looks, but darn it, I want to look (and feel) good. I think my daughter is beautiful and I am especially proud of her accomplishments, her heart and her sense of self-worth. Look at our Rochester Women magazine team makeovers (page 10) and make an appointment to get your own makeover. Continue reading

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S’More Art Adventures

Three Amazing Art Camps for Kids
By Joy Blewett

This summer, provide your child with a hands-on arts experience. More and more research is surfacing on the benefits of creating and engaging with art. Art-making opportunities can build skills in self-expression, critical thinking and creative problem-solving. Here are three organizations that open their spaces to kids during the summer to explore a wide variety of art experiences.   Continue reading

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Mother-Daughter Makeovers

Rochester Women magazine Marketing Account Manager Nikki Kranebell, Assistant Editor Jen Jacobson and Graphic Designer Kate Brue get makeovers with their daughters
Photography by Cami McElmury, Blue Jean Photography

Editor’s note: I wanted to get a makeover this spring, so I suggested to my Rochester Women magazine team at our May/June issue planning meeting that we all go for makeovers. Considering we are all moms and Mother’s Day is coming up, we took our daughters with us. Thank you to the salons and stylists who made us all look and feel fabulous. Thank you to our photographer, Cami McElmury, who accommodated our schedules and made us all feel special. Continue reading

“I Am the Woman of My Dreams”

Kayla Harwick’s Journey of Self-Love
By Terri Allred

“I embrace the idea of loving myself fully. I am a woman devoted to praising my strengths and successes. I assert the notion that I am inherently worthy and deserving.” ~ Author unknown.  

Kayla Harwick sits across the table from me at a local restaurant and describes her ordeal with an eating disorder that nearly took her life. She is calm, yet passionate, and tells me that she is sharing her experience so people know that there can be life after an eating disorder. In fact, she feels better about herself now than she ever has in her life. The journey, as difficult as it was, forged her into the person she is now. Continue reading

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Cradle to Career Initiative

Ensuring Rochester youth succeed
By Gina Dewink

Cradle to Career creates access to resources that kids need, when they need them, to be successful from cradle to career. Julie Brock, executive director of the Cradle to Career initiative, says this is done by aligning community resources to shared outcomes, as well as using data to drive the decision-making through the lens of equity. “It takes all of us doing something positive to create a community committed to equitable success of all youth,” Brock states.   Continue reading

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Mother’s Day Gifts

Shop local for mom

By Kathryn Lenn

As Sweet as Mom
Sweet Satisfaction by Debbie Buchbinder
Mail service only

Debbie avoids gluten and dairy and was getting tired of eating dark chocolate. In the fall of 2018, she started reaching out to candy companies who specialized in dietary-friendly recipes, and she began making her own mail-order treat boxes for others who needed some variety in their sweets game. You can hardly believe you’re missing the milk in the milk-chocolate candies, and two of the bars taste like big-name candy bars. They have toffee, brittle, truffles and chewy caramels. For the mom with a sweet tooth, sign her up to receive monthly boxes that cater to her dietary restrictions while still satisfying her desire for a treat.  Or, maybe you just want something for yourself. You can buy online at any time. Everything is gluten and dairy free and 100% vegan. Visit the website and get $5 off your first order with promo code: “RWMAG5” Continue reading

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Connie Hawley

A supportive community and positive attitude are keys to her success 
By Holly Galbus

Connie Hawley is owner of Luya Shoes and Other Fine Things in Zumbrota and Stillwater, specializing in hand-crafted, well-made, artistically designed shoes from around the world. Since opening the first store in Zumbrota in November 2014, Hawley has experienced both successes and challenges and has learned what it takes to be a business owner in the competitive retail market. A self-described shoe fanatic, Hawley began to consider opening her own business after accompanying her friend and fellow Zumbrota business owner on buying trips. The two agreed there was a need for a shoe store in the area, and after Hawley signed the lease on a newly-renovated building on Main Street in Zumbrota, Luya Shoes was born. Continue reading

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From Mexico to Minnesota
By Jorrie Johnson

According to the 2018 AvoScore Card published by Hass Avocado Board, avocado unit sales increased by 25.4% from 2017 to 2018, with the Great Lakes Region leading with a 26.3% increase. While the quantities increased, prices decreased 14.1% in 2018, and the average price per avocado was $1.10 across the United States ($1.16 in the Great Lakes Region and $1.11 in the Plains Region). Continue reading

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My Sweet Greens MN

Grown in Zumbrota
By Jorrie Johnson

Just three months after Dean and Jayne Bredlau met in 2014, Jayne was in a serious accident and fractured her tibia and fibula. During her recovery, the couple spent time conversing about life, challenges and their faith in God. In September 2015, they married and began their life together in Zumbrota. Combining Dean’s passion for farming and Jayne’s interest in marketing, My Sweet Greens MN was born in 2016 out of a dream to get back to what’s real and meaningful.     Continue reading

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