Our Team


jorrieJorrie Johnson

Publisher and Editor, MBA, PMP


I started Rochester Women magazine nineteen years ago with a passion for helping women connect with each other and the community. I enjoy knowing area women and telling about their successes, challenges, needs and wants, and helping them make connections to better their lives. I’m also passionate about supporting non-profit organizations in the community by working with them and helping them communicate with area women. I’m happy to be a part of a thriving community.



Nikki Kranebell 

Marketing Account Manager


“I am excited to promote a product I believe in. As a small business owner, I have advertised in Rochester Women magazine and have seen the impact of advertising first-hand. I am very proud to be with an organization that empowers women.” I was born and have lived my entire life in southeast Minnesota.

I have a degree in retail management and interior design and have been a small business owner for 15 years. I have two children and I’m one of “those” (crazy) hockey moms!



dawnDawn Sanborn

Photographer and Writer


For Rochester Women I have the privilege of sharing two of my passions with our readers: food and photography. I own a small hobby farm, have sold my wares at the farmer’s market and served on their board. I also have years of experience working in fine dining establishments. I enjoy preparing healthy meals with locally bought produce and meats. Sustainability is important to me. I am a commercial and family photographer with 24 years of experience and a B.A. in Photography from Columbia College. I believe photography is real life art and I enjoy capturing it.



Tessa Slisz

Graphic Designer


I am an ad graphic designer for Rochester Women clients. I grew up in Rochester and received my degree in Art and Graphic Design at the University of Wisconsin-Stout. I studied color theory abroad in Paris, France, lived in Japan for one year, and have worked as an ad designer at print publications in California and Arizona. I love working together with clients to turn their ideas into reality.



Kate Brue

Graphic Designer


I am the layout designer for Rochester Women magazine. I grew up in Prior Lake, MN and moved to Rochester in 2002. I have been in layout design for over 20 years and it is what I really love to do.



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