Magazines Sell

womaninsnowRochester area women love to read Rochester Women magazine articles and our advertisers ads. Reading a magazine is an intimate, involving experience. The number of magazine readers has grown and consumers find value, enjoy and trust magazine advertising. Advertising in Rochester Women magazine helps build buzz about your products and services!

Magazine media engages readers:

  • Magazines continue to score significantly higher than television or the internet in “ad receptivity” and other engagement dimensions.
  • When consumers read magazines they are much less likely to engage with other media or to take part in non-media activities compared to the users of television, radio or the internet.
  • Reader engagement with a digital interactive magazine (82%) is more than four times greater than with a website of similar content (18%).

Consumers feel that magazine advertising has more positive drivers, providing useful information and as credible source.

Consumers enjoy and trust magazine advertising. Magazines rank #1 out of 16 media for consumers having a positive and credible impression of advertising.

Magazines build buzz:

  • Magazine readers are more likely than users of other media to influence friends and family on products across a variety of categories.
  • Magazines complement the web in reaching social networkers, whom marketers increasingly favor to generate word-of-mouth.

Source: The Association of Magazine Media,

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