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Barbara Jordan

Activist, Mother, Friend
By Terri Allred
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The first time I met Barbara Jordan, I was struck by her warm demeanor and focused attention. She was talking to another person, but when I was introduced, her complete attention shifted to me. That focused connection is a hallmark of Barbara’s leadership, whether she is serving as the administrator for the Office for Education Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at Mayo Clinic or volunteering with the NAACP.    Continue reading


“Stuck at home.”  This idea for a theme struck me as Governor Walz made his November executive order for a dial back on certain activities. As we all grapple with the ongoing difficulty of balancing our personal needs and desires with the safety of our communities, I think we are all experiencing some level of feeling “stuck.”  Continue reading


An interview with recording artist Michelle Hilsman
By Melissa Peterson

Michelle Hilsman wrote most of the songs on her debut album, “Sapphire Blue,” while snowed in housesitting for her parents in the country. “All day long, every day for a week, all I did was write, write, write.” A year and a half later, a completed album was born.

From its opening song, “No Man’s Land,” Hilsman’s album feels like a lonesome, determined drive out West—a journey that rises and falls through a range of emotional elevations. Get out of town to the accelerating beat of “Pink Paradise.” Pause in a quiet roadside bar with the haunted, intimate beauty of its title track, “Sapphire Blue.” Continue reading

Zhōng Guó Xīn Nián

Chinese New Year 2021
By Maria Liang

This year Chinese New Year falls on February 12 and is the Year of the Ox according to Chinese zodiac. Its other name is 뉴節 Chūn Jié (Spring Festival), and it is the most important traditional festival celebrated in China and regions of Chinese and Han communities around the world. Generally the event begins on the first day of the first Chinese lunar month and lasts 15 days until 禱晷節 Yuán Xiāo Jié  (Lantern Festival).  Continue reading


Health disparities explained
By Erin Pagel

Health disparities are preventable differences in the incidence, prevalence, mortality and burden of diseases and other adverse health conditions that are experienced across populations. Disparities occur across many dimensions, including race/ethnicity, socioeconomic status, age, location, gender, disability status and sexual orientation. Health disparities are often identified along racial and ethnic lines, in that African Americans, Hispanics, Native Americans, Asian Americans, Alaska Natives and whites have different disease and survival rates. Continue reading


Brie Bednar and the expanding services of Family Promise Rochester
by Anne Scherer

In 1999, Interfaith Hospitality Network of Greater Rochester—now known as Family Promise Rochester (FPR)—was launched after a group of caring individuals saw the need to provide shelter, meals and comprehensive assistance to homeless families in the Rochester area. For 20 years, families were sheltered in partner congregations where they received a meal and a place to sleep.

In September 2019, Brigitte (Brie) Bednar took on the role of executive director, just in time to adapt to the new and still-changing rules of a pandemic. Continue reading


Meet two women whose early work in residential construction helped build the future to enduring career success
By Trish Amundson

There is nothing like building a dream home. In the beginning stages of residential construction, the structure begins to take shape, and homeowners can better visualize themselves living in a brand-new house. Continue reading


We may be stuck at home, but we’re not stuck inside. As strong and hearty Minnesotans, we know how to get outside in all kinds of weather. If you’re looking for a change of scenery, take your living and dining room outside this winter.  

Stay Warm
Use plywood or a canvas sheet to block that cold north wind. Then add some heat. Christy Buchan of Energy Products and Design, Inc. says one of their most popular items is their smokeless wood fire pit. There are tons of options for fire tables and even gas fire pits. Get some pillows and blankets. How about something with fur? Continue reading