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Welcoming Artyce Thomas

Women’s shelter embraces a new leader
By Terri Allred
Photography by Fagan Studios

When you walk into the Women’s Shelter and Support Center, it feels very much like walking into a home. A friendly advocate greets you warmly. The reception area has novels and self-help books, and there is a computer station for researching job possibilities or connecting to social media.   Continue reading

Letter from the Editor


I am excited and honored to write this letter to you as I take over the reins of this beautiful magazine! Rochester Women was started 20 years ago by Jorrie Johnson, whose dedication has made it a staple on magazine racks in stores, restaurants, salons and waiting rooms throughout Rochester and the surrounding area.  Continue reading

Second Time Around

Big Career Changes
by Inspiring Women
By Erin Pagel
Photography by Fagan Studios

Taking a big step in changing careers can be hard but very rewarding. From a pediatric physical therapist to student of construction technology and from executive director to executive director plus alcohol and drug counseling intern, we caught up with two amazing women who are embracing the unknown and reaching for new career dreams. Here are their words of wisdom.   Continue reading


Great dates, chance encounters and memorable gifts
By Melissa Peterson

My husband and I have gone on a date every Monday night since our very first date in 2015. As I write this, we have been on 213 Monday Night Date Nights, which typically involve dinner and a nightcap. We’ve let nothing stop our tradition—not holidays, traveling or business. 

Here are some ideas for you to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your special someone, as well as with friends. Continue reading

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By Maka Boeve

Tenacious is the best way to describe Annalissa Johnson. “Work harder. Work smarter,” is her motto. Her work ethic has paid off in both her professional and political careers. Johnson has not only built a successful dog training business, but has also been Rochester City Council’s Ward 6 member since 2016.   Continue reading

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Gray Duck Theater

By Leanna Gerry    

In a world of ever-growing technology, it sometimes seems that our capacity to connect with one another is slipping away. Sensing this relational deficiency, businessman Andy Smith jumped in to fill the void. With the help of his wife, Anna, Smith opened Gray Duck Theater and Coffeehouse near downtown Rochester last May. While expressing international sensibilities, the cinema aims to bring local people together around thought-provoking films.    Continue reading

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Old Look, New Perspective

Change your wardrobe to make getting dressed the best part of your day
By Grace Menchaca

The holiday tradition of giving and receiving, followed by January’s promise of a fresh start supports the mantra: “out with the old and in with the new.” Let this new year inspire a new perspective on styling and confidence.     Continue reading

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Let Me Count the Ways

Enjoying Winter both in and Out
By Gina Dewink

Winter doesn’t have to mean staying inside. Embrace the cold and enjoy one of these local activities for some seasonal fun.  Continue reading

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Healthy Self-Esteem

The True ‘Secret to Happiness’?
By Shanti Argue

When I first received this assignment, I expected that I would talk to some mental health professionals and get some “tips and tricks” for feeling better about yourself. Instead, I realized that I was confusing self-esteem with confidence, and it took a couple of hours of deep conversation with two therapists before I truly understood the difference. Continue reading

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New Year, New Resolutions

Thinking Through Your Goals
By Alison Rentschler

It’s a new year—2020!  Time to start working on new goals, thinking of new resolutions and planning new visions. But why do we think of new resolutions each year? And how can we reach our goals?   Continue reading