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Tradition and changes from then TIL now
By Alison Rentschler

It’s beginning to look a bit like spring, and in high schools around the country, that means it’s almost prom time! This means that many attendees are starting to find outfits and make plans for prom night. Continue reading

Strong is Beautiful Makeover

By Leanna Gerry
Photography by Cami McElmury, Blue Jean Photography

Tears filled the eyes of Jayne Pompeian when she learned that the stylists of Rocco Altobelli Salons had chosen her as their strong is beautiful makeover model. “I don’t think I am that strong,” she confesses—which is a sure sign that she is. At 62, Pompeian can say that she has been a loving wife, caring mother and doting grandmother to her three “darling little boys.” Besides spending quality time with her family, the retired nurse enjoys playing the piano, singing, cooking and baking, knitting, crafting, going out to movies and sometimes simply staying in to watch Turner Classics. Pompeian also appreciates a bit of culture in her life, so she occasionally indulges in travel, plays or a concert or two.   Continue reading


Look Your Holiday Best for $200 or Less with these affordable skin services
By Elizabeth Harris

The holiday season brings joy, but it can also be a difficult time to feel good about yourself. All of the sugary treats, festive cocktails and often cold and dry weather can leave your skin looking and feeling rough. Fortunately, Slow Coast Spa, Posh Facial Esthetics and Essence Skin Clinic, all located in Rochester, have services for $200 and less that will help you look and feel your best for all of your holiday gatherings.   Continue reading

Strong is beautiful Makeover

By Leanna Gerry
Photography by Tracey McGuire

Fourty-three-year-old Jaime Tjossem is a wife of over 12 years, mother of two, and stepmother of two. Tjossem works as a biology professor at Rochester Community and Technical College,  where she earned the title of Outstanding Educator in 2017-18. Tjossem’s friends describe her as adaptable, compassionate, outgoing, fun, humorous, quick-witted—and of course—strong.  Continue reading

Sistique Boutique

Trio sells “casual-trendy” CLOTHING out of a school bus
By Leanna Gerry

For many people, business takes place apart from the family. But for April Larson, Megan Greer Wagner and Sarah Showers Wagner, family is the center of business. With the goal of eventually becoming stay-at-home-mothers, the three sisters-in-law launched Sistique Boutique, a primarily online clothing store that offers affordable attire for women. The supplemental income allows the busy moms more time with their growing families as they work alongside their loved ones. Continue reading

Microneedling: Enhancing skin’s appearance through collagen induction therapy

Confidence, grace, and wisdom are just a few attributes that come with age. Now in my 30s, and more confident, graceful and a bit wiser (than in my 20s), I think about aging and skincare.   

Tanning beds, sunbathing and acne really take their toll on our delicate skin, leaving scars, wrinkles and sun spots. Dr. Srdan Babovic, a plastic surgeon at Olmsted Medical Center, says microneedling helps patients boost confidence and is backed by science to improve the look of skin by reducing the appearance of fine lines, pigment changes and acne scars. Dr. Babovic and his team perform this treatment using an FDA-approved Dermapen. Dr. Babovic believes that using science and data are important when choosing the right treatments. 

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Permanent Cosmetics and Paramedical Tattooing: Is it right for you?

From eyebrow shaping to eyeliner, scar camouflage to covering hair loss, permanent cosmetics and paramedical tattooing are affordable ways to strategically draw attention to or conceal facial features. Desire Dalrymple, owner and aesthetician at Permanent Cosmetics By Desiree in Rochester says, “Permanent cosmetics can be life-changing for people on all levels and can help real women feel like themselves…beautiful.”  


Permanent cosmetics are shade-matched pigments implanted into the skin (similar to an artistic tattoo) to minimize or eliminate the need for daily makeup application. The pigments are specifically selected to be a perfect reflection of the pink of one’s lips or the shade of one’s lashes and eyebrows. 

The term “permanent” is a bit misleading. “Semi-permanent” is more accurate. The treatment fades over time and typically lasts from a year and a half to three years. Traditional tattoo ink can last even longer. 

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A Fresh Start: Georgia Basinski

It can be difficult to try new things, but as Neale Donald Walsch says, “Life begins at the edge of your comfort zone.” Georgia Basinski has tried her fair share of new things since moving across the country to Rochester — including a first-time makeover.  

Basinski first read RochesterWomen magazine in the veterinarian’s office as a new Rochester resident a couple of years ago. She found the stories of local women inspiring, and they gave her insight on her new community. For 20 years, Basinski lived in western Colorado and homeschooled her kids while working part time restoring antique quilts and night auditing for a hotel. Basinski went through some life changes that left her questioning what her purpose was, so she decided to move to Rochester for a fresh start. While being a mother and grandmother gave her joy, she found a new sense of purpose through volunteering in the community.

Basinski continues to enjoy spending time at Hawthorne Education Center and Bear Creek Services. These two organizations have become very near and dear to her heart and have allowed her to make valuable connections in the Rochester community. When she is not working or volunteering, Basinski stays busy gardening, reading books for her book club, playing pickleball, swimming, attending church activities and spending time with her dog, Champ. 

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