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Barbara Jordan

Activist, Mother, Friend
By Terri Allred
Photography by

The first time I met Barbara Jordan, I was struck by her warm demeanor and focused attention. She was talking to another person, but when I was introduced, her complete attention shifted to me. That focused connection is a hallmark of Barbara’s leadership, whether she is serving as the administrator for the Office for Education Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at Mayo Clinic or volunteering with the NAACP.    Continue reading

Pandemic Holidays

By Kamela Jordan
Photography by

Christmas lights, Diwali lamps, Hanukkah menorahs, Kwanzaa and Advent candles—as the days grow shorter, the holidays bring a little extra light into our lives. This year the gathering darkness feels especially potent. We need some extra light right now.    Continue reading

An Unprecedented First Term

Mayor Kim Norton on leading during a
tumultuous time
By Sara Dingmann
Photography by

Rochester Women Magazine sat down with Mayor Kim Norton the only way we can during a pandemic—over Zoom—and asked her about the significance of being Rochester’s first female mayor and her leadership in a chaotic time.  Continue reading

Black Lives Matter

Young women take charge to fight for change
By Sara Dingmann

Photos by

Yezi Gugsa is tired of hearing people say that kids these days don’t know what they are talking about.

“It’s just not the truth anymore,” Gugsa says. “The truth is we’ve done extensive research, and we’ve done our best to educate ourselves. In most cases, we’ve done more research than a lot of adults have.” Continue reading

LAIDEE P: Living As I Desire, Entertaining Everyone Positively

By Rosei Skipper 
Photography by

Jas Tastik’s biggest piece of advice for aspiring creatives?  “Just keep going. Never listen to the people who tell you no. And a thousand people will.” 
Growing up in Rochester, aspiring to be a hip-hop artist, DJ or actress wasn’t exactly normal. But for Tastik (who’s known professionally as artist LaidEe P), music and performing have been her passions for as long as she can remember. Continue reading

Welcoming Artyce Thomas

Women’s shelter embraces a new leader
By Terri Allred
Photography by Fagan Studios

When you walk into the Women’s Shelter and Support Center, it feels very much like walking into a home. A friendly advocate greets you warmly. The reception area has novels and self-help books, and there is a computer station for researching job possibilities or connecting to social media.   Continue reading

MasterChef Contestant Shari Mukherjee

Blending Cultures, Traditions, families and Flavors
By Heather Weller

Long before Shari Mukherjee made a name for herself as a self-taught chef finalist on Fox Network’s “MasterChef,” she was a newlywed. A newlywed that could not cook. In fact, about 10 years ago, Mukherjee’s husband jokingly nominated her to be a contestant on the show “Worst Cooks in America”—a show designed to turn terrible cooks into competent ones in a matter of weeks.   Continue reading

Beautiful & Strong Jennifer Lawver

Redefining the face of the
construction industry
By Laura Archbold
Photography by Elaine Pardi

It’s been said that true beauty can be found in a woman’s strength and goes beyond what is seen on the surface. Jennifer Lawver’s strength is undeniably beautiful, as her inner qualities of courage, tenacity and resilience radiate for the world to see.   Continue reading

Mompreneur Jennifer Becker

Building a business with creativity and confidence
By Tori Utley  
Photography by Fagan Studios

As many entrepreneurs know, where there’s no risk, there’s no reward. Bringing a great idea to light requires the courage to step out—often unsure of the outcome—with confidence, passion and tenacity. Continue reading