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Alzheimer’s in America

Bringing awareness
By Elizabeth Harris

Currently, there are over 5 million Americans living with Alzheimer’s Disease. Chances are that you know someone or are someone that is directly impacted by this cognitive illness.

While there is still no cure, the good news is that there are medications that can treat symptoms and potentially slow the progression of the disease. Doctors all over the world are working to find more treatments and, someday, a cure. There are also steps that you can take in your daily life that might help lower your risk. Continue reading

Stress and Resiliency

Embracing the Lessons of Current Events
By Rosei Skipper
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For many Americans the past five months have been the most stressful of our lives. From fighting the COVID-19 pandemic to witnessing racial violence and social unrest to enduring financial hardships to caring for children while working from home to worrying about the upcoming election, our nation has collectively experienced mass trauma this year, and there is currently no end in sight. Continue reading

Thinking About Drinking

Benefits and Risks
By Shanti Argue

It seems as though everywhere you look there’s a joke about how inseparable women are from their wine. “Wine is to women as duct tape is to men—it fixes everything.” Gift shops carry mugs reading, “This might be wine,” and oversized wine glasses that say, “Mommy’s sippy cup.” Even internet memes tout wine as the solution for every problem, from work stress to parenting— “Wine makes everything possible” or “There’s no problem that six glasses of wine can’t solve.” Continue reading

Mindfulness and More

Meditation for Beginners
By Anne Scherer

“At the heart of meditation is the practice of mindfulness—the cultivation of clear, stable and nonjudgmental awareness. It is this training of attention that wakes us up out of our habitual thinking patterns and reveals the nature of who we are, our ‘basic goodness’ and our natural wisdom and compassion.” Continue reading


The Health Factor
You Shouldn’t Underestimate
By Gina Dewink

There’s an international collaboration of sleep experts working toward informing, educating and aligning research in the field of sleep medicine. With more than 88 countries having participated in the past, it’s a pretty big deal…and it all started in Rochester. Continue reading

Living and Aging, Wisely and Well

Sylwia Bujak Oliver and 125 LIVE connect the socially isolated and enrich lives of all ages
By Erin Pagel

125 LIVE is more than a community center. It’s more than a fitness facility. Take just a few steps inside its doors, and it is clear that 125 Live is a whole lot more than expected. 125 Live (and its vibrant executive director) is a hidden gem of Rochester and a facility that offers something for everyone.   Continue reading

Sister Seekers

Connecting women through spirituality
By Terri Allred

It seems that we are increasingly disconnected from each other and busy.  Many of us, as women, are looking for authentic connections, and we yearn to explore our spirituality in a safe and supportive environment. Diane Anderson, Marie Neher and Donna Magtibay came together as Sister Seekers to create just those opportunities.  Continue reading

Anam Cara

Soul sisters spend time together in coastal Maine
By Jennifer Visscher

Since society still struggles with disclosing and discussing health, many find themselves online looking for others with their disease. That is how our Minnesota and Maine friendship began.

Betsy Baker and I have Ankylosing Spondylitis, a systemic inflammatory disorder affecting the axial skeleton, peripheral joints, connective tissues (entheses), eyes, skin and intestines. People with AS often have extra-articular manifestations, such as inflammatory bowel disease (Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis), psoriasis and uveitis. Continue reading