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Bringing Color into your Home

Instill energy and life in your space with these shade trends
By Trish Amundson

Does your home decor resemble the hazy, pale shades of winter?  If so, spring is just around the corner, and it’s the perfect time to refresh your look with a pop of color. Different shades of well-chosen accessories and accents can round off your interior color palette, bringing energy and life into your space. Continue reading

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Charcuterie Boards

By Heather Weller
Photography by

Although the charcuterie board is not a new idea, there has been a recent surge in its popularity, making it a “must-have” for parties, celebrations and events. To understand the true origins of the charcuterie board, please fasten your seatbelts as we travel back in time for a brief history lesson.   Continue reading

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A Dash of Culture

How Local Groceries Are Shaping Rochester
by Salma Caamir

More than ever, international grocery stores are available to Rochester residents. With an extensive variety of stores popping up in recent years, these shops are hard to miss, but some remain largely overlooked in our community. The range of spices and foods offered truly gives citizens a taste of the whole world only a few blocks from work or home. 


Rochester prides itself on its diverse community. It’s hard to go anywhere without seeing half the world’s countries represented through its people. No matter the origin story, it isn’t a challenge to meet someone who has a different worldview from yours, and quite possibly this person is an immigrant. 

You can imagine the frustration when said immigrants came to America and realized they couldn’t find ingredients for foods they have spent their lives preparing. That is the most common underlying thread of these grocery stores—that no matter where these people come from, they bring pieces of their culture.

Walking into a metaphorical—and literal—new world can understandably be intimidating. The initial greeting of foreign music, aroma of spices and chattering of an unfamiliar language may seem like a lot for the average Rochester citizen. However, the beauty in these stores is that we get a tiny glimpse of the experience that these shop owners left behind. It’s like a free vacation to a foreign, mystical country. The only difference? You can walk out of those stores and resume your regular routine. In contrast, the majority of these owners put their lives on pause in their home countries to pursue new life in America. For them, this is no vacation.


That story is not a new one. The immigrant narrative is an underlying theme in American history and is deeply embedded in Rochester’s roots. But because of a tightly knit culture, many people feel a sense of anxiety walking into these groceries. Even as a child of immigrants,
I still find myself a bit nervous when I have to run an errand for my mom and go into one of our wonderful Somali grocers in Rochester. With these stores there is no language barrier. There is no culture barrier. Why on earth would I be so intimidated to walk in?

This is a prime example of the mere-exposure effect, a social psychology phenomenon that we often submit to in our daily lives. According to the American Psychological Association, the mere-exposure effect is “the finding that individuals show an increased preference for a stimulus as a consequence of repeated exposure to that stimulus.” In simpler terms, people are naturally less inclined to go out of their way to do something that deviates from their personal norm. For me, growing up more inclined to go to Walmart than Halal Meat made stepping into a store of my family’s origin incredibly nerve-racking. But while finding variety in our lives is a challenge, it’s important to try so we can grow as people.


Consider trying to diversify your food palate. There is an extensive range of international grocers here in Rochester, and each holds a multitude of cultures. Instead of being intimidated by the experience, try to put yourself in the shoes of the people who had to grow accustomed to the feeling of unfamiliarity. Remaining tied in the bonds of fear of what you don’t know limits yourself from making new bonds, meeting new people and trying some great food!  

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Thinking About Drinking

Benefits and Risks
By Shanti Argue

It seems as though everywhere you look there’s a joke about how inseparable women are from their wine. “Wine is to women as duct tape is to men—it fixes everything.” Gift shops carry mugs reading, “This might be wine,” and oversized wine glasses that say, “Mommy’s sippy cup.” Even internet memes tout wine as the solution for every problem, from work stress to parenting— “Wine makes everything possible” or “There’s no problem that six glasses of wine can’t solve.” Continue reading

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Mindfulness and More

Meditation for Beginners
By Anne Scherer

“At the heart of meditation is the practice of mindfulness—the cultivation of clear, stable and nonjudgmental awareness. It is this training of attention that wakes us up out of our habitual thinking patterns and reveals the nature of who we are, our ‘basic goodness’ and our natural wisdom and compassion.” Continue reading

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The Health Factor
You Shouldn’t Underestimate
By Gina Dewink

There’s an international collaboration of sleep experts working toward informing, educating and aligning research in the field of sleep medicine. With more than 88 countries having participated in the past, it’s a pretty big deal…and it all started in Rochester. Continue reading

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Collecting and Preserving
the Stories of Local Women
By Erin Pagel

At times, women of history can be obscured or hidden.  Their lives, their work, their art and their stories can be overshadowed by spotlights focused elsewhere or the ongoing passage of time. In the spirit of Women’s History Month, we look to a group of Rochester women who are telling the stories of local women and illuminating the extraordinary accomplishments of women in our communities.   Continue reading

Around the Town

Unique Products from Local Businesses
By Elizabeth Harris

Weighted Blanket – Ashley’s Hallmark
Weighted blankets have become very popular for people of all ages. They are known to help reduce stress and anxiety by mimicking the feeling of a cozy embrace. This supposedly increases Continue reading

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Welcoming Artyce Thomas

Women’s shelter embraces a new leader
By Terri Allred
Photography by Fagan Studios

When you walk into the Women’s Shelter and Support Center, it feels very much like walking into a home. A friendly advocate greets you warmly. The reception area has novels and self-help books, and there is a computer station for researching job possibilities or connecting to social media.   Continue reading

Letter from the Editor


I am excited and honored to write this letter to you as I take over the reins of this beautiful magazine! Rochester Women was started 20 years ago by Jorrie Johnson, whose dedication has made it a staple on magazine racks in stores, restaurants, salons and waiting rooms throughout Rochester and the surrounding area.  Continue reading