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Stopping the Doubt

Overcoming Imposter Syndrome
By Gina Dewink

Since the 1970s, perhaps as women came into more widespread positions of power, a phrase emerged. Frequently spoken about at conferences and in management keynotes, it is known as “imposter syndrome.” Though it is a psychological term coined by clinical psychologists, there is no official diagnosis. It is a stream of negative self-talk that should not be ignored.   Continue reading

Healthy Self-Esteem

The True ‘Secret to Happiness’?
By Shanti Argue

When I first received this assignment, I expected that I would talk to some mental health professionals and get some “tips and tricks” for feeling better about yourself. Instead, I realized that I was confusing self-esteem with confidence, and it took a couple of hours of deep conversation with two therapists before I truly understood the difference. Continue reading

The Practice of Self-Compassion

“Through self-compassion, we become an inner ally instead of an inner enemy.” – Kristin Neff
By Terri Allred

Many of us have heard about self-care as a solution to our overworked, stressed-out lives. Entire industries are devoted to promoting products and services to support us in our journey of self-care. While self-care is certainly important, there is a growing understanding that the practice of self-compassion can give us a greater ability to cope with life’s stressors.   Continue reading