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Amish Secret

Two assault survivors share their stories to help others
By Sara Dingmann

The Amish are known for “plain living,” leading lives apart from most modern technologies and conveniences. Still, like any society, problems can be found under the surface.

Now, an open secret in some Amish communities is becoming more well-known—one of rape, sexual assault and incest. Community members know the attackers and the victims, but some turn a blind eye and hide crimes when outsiders or the authorities come knocking. Continue reading

Letter from the Editor

Well, hello, Rochester Women Magazine readers! It’s been awhile. What’s new with you? Just kidding. That’s a silly question.

I think we can all agree that this is about the weirdest time we’ve ever lived. As a small business owner, it’s been tough financially, and I think we’re all seeing the value of spending our money as locally as possible. Get your pesky problems solved at three local businesses (p. 38). Check out and support our advertisers, as well as BBIWOC-owned businesses (p. 34).  Continue reading


By Erin Pagel

Dear Rochester Women Readers –

I should tell you that this article is biased. I love our Rochester Public Library. I serve as president of the library board and serve on the Rochester Public Library Foundation board. My family and I generally have dozens of items checked out at any given time. I love the events, the staff, the unexpected services and, of course, the books. We’ve paid more than I care to admit in overdue fines over the years. I am thrilled that the Rochester Public Library has removed fines for overdue materials and stepped a bit closer to reaching our goal of improving access for all. Following is a bit of information about the recent elimination of overdue fines and why it’s important for our community. Continue reading


Virtual race offers a chance to get outside and burn off some energy while supporting your community nature center

By Tracy Will

This summer, instead of hosting its traditional 5K, Quarry Hill Nature Center is offering a virtual 5K race for all ages and abilities, along with a 1K dash for kids. The event encourages everyone to get active, head outdoors and go from screen time to green time. And it’s all for a great cause: race proceeds support Quarry Hill’s robust nature programming and education for kids in southeastern Minnesota.  Continue reading


When the “land of the free” doesn’t feel like it

By Yusra Hassan

The Dream

The dream of any immigrant fleeing his or her country is to find a new home that is safe and peaceful. My parents made the ultimate sacrifice to leave Sudan (their birthland), with the hope of raising my siblings and me in America so that we could follow our dreams, attend the best schools and colleges and be happy. In 2000, my parents risked leaving it all for my safety, but there was so much they didn’t know. Continue reading


Rochester-area women share their challenges, inspiration and more

By Trish Amundson

Marilyn – Nurse (and new-found basketball player)

What changes have you experienced based on COVID-19?
COVID-19 has changed every aspect of my family’s lives. My college-age daughter is home, and my grade-school kids are online learning at home. My husband, who is essential and self-employed in the livestock industry, is also working from home. The normal activities we all pursued and counted on are gone.  Continue reading


Rochester-area women share their challenges, inspiration and more

By Trish Amundson

Jill – Teacher (for her class and four kids)

What changes have you experienced based on COVID-19?
At first, the change of not being able to “just go out” felt out of the norm, but it quickly became easy to stay home. We no longer make multiple trips to the stores for items. We plan our trip, and only one parent goes out. We wipe off the packaging of items we bring home. We are more aware of making sure we wash our hands frequently or use hand sanitizer more often. Our kids can’t play with other friends, but thankfully we have a lot of outdoor space for them to roam and be creative. Continue reading


Finding the good in each day as I stay home alone

By Alison Rentschler

The stay at home orders meant a lot of changes that seemed to happen all at once, within a week or two — avoiding large groups meant all my “normal” activities outside of work were either canceled or went virtual. For me, these included church on Sunday mornings; a small group; my gym and its group classes; and the Wednesday night kids’ class I’ve been a volunteer leader in for years at my church.  Also, I could no longer get together with groups of friends at restaurants, coffee shops or even their own houses. And I started working at home full-time, which required me to adjust my normal routine. Continue reading