Area women are building careers in planning, preconstruction and administration
By Trish Amundson
Photography by

The warm weather is gone until spring, but the hard work of construction tradespeople continues year-round.  Across the city, residential and commercial construction is booming, and many men—and women—are busy building the city, from architects and business development professionals to engineers and hard-hat crews. Rochester Women Magazine interviewed three women who play crucial roles in initiating construction projects throughout the community and promoting change to eliminate inequalities throughout the industry.  Continue reading

Joan Kopacz


Building a practice with character,
integrity and tenacity
By Ruth Brennan Morrey

Photography © 2019
All rights reserved.

In the fall of 2007, over Moose Drool beers at Whistle Binkies, a dream was born from Joan Kopacz’s napkin drawing of a wagon wheel. Providing hope and healing, the wheel’s central hub represented Rochester, and its five spokes were rural satellite locations destined for specialized care in physical therapy. That pivotal night, the passion-filled conversation between Kopacz and Brian McQuilkin fleshed out a shared vision of critical core values and the realization that a robust team philosophy to patient care was paramount.  Continue reading


There are no rules!
By Samantha Erickson
Photography by

This year, fashion and everyday style as we know it has evolved quicker than any of us could have imagined. Tired of the same pajama pants day in and day out, I set out to explore my personal style for a very new season of life. Through this unprecedented time (#buzzword, I know), I discovered the best fashion rule of them all—there are no rules!

Continue reading

Nikki Niles

Eliminating Disparities in
Community Services
By Terri Allred

When Nikki Niles moved to Rochester eight years ago, she immediately felt like she was moving home. It reminded her of East Lansing, Michigan, her previous home. “Rochester has a small-town feel without being a small town,” Niles shares.

Just like East Lansing, Niles appreciates the opportunities for families and the focus on increasing diversity in Rochester. Really, the only problem with Rochester is that Michigan State isn’t here. As a die-hard fan and alumna, she looks forward to being able to travel back for games. Continue reading

Time for Some Hair Love

Meeting #HairGoals in Rochester
By Angi Porter

Every woman has her hair journey. Like tangled strands, the journey has its twists and turns, and sometimes difficulties abound. What products work best? What styles are most flattering? How do we address various hair challenges resulting from damage, aging or just from finding ourselves in a slump?   Continue reading

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