Local Author Amy Hahn Releases Greek Mythology Romance Set in Minnesota

The legendary Pandora’s Box may be one of the most recognized sagas from Greek mythology. Pandora opened the forbidden box given to her by Zeus and, in doing so, unleashed countless ills and catastrophes upon the world. 

What if the worst and final devastation still remained within The Box and, together with Pandora, had survived the generations? Such is the premise of Rochester author Amy Hahn’s newest novella, “Pandora’s Passion.” With this unique premise, Hahn imagines a world where Pandora has survived to modern day and lives out her days in northern Minnesota cursed to guard the last contents of The Box. When the safety of The Box is threatened, she is visited by her immortal love, Prometheus, and together they join forces to protect mankind from the evil-doers who would release its contents. 


The idea to write a love story between Pandora and Prometheus came easily to Hahn, whose interest in Greek mythos led her to take a mythology course in college. She thought, “What if these two tragic characters were passionately in love and had been for centuries? How would that relationship be tested? After all, Pandora nearly destroyed mankind by opening The Box and unleashing evils onto the world, and Prometheus loved mankind so much he gave humans the gift of fire, defying Zeus, the king of the gods, in the process.” 



Hahn is no stranger to the publishing world. As a member of both Romance Writers of America and Midwest Fiction Writers, she has released six full-length novels and a short story, three of which were published within a just few short months of each other. Her latest release, “Pandora’s Passion,” is certain to appeal to romance readers who enjoy the fantasy of Greek Mythology.

Growing up in nearby Harmony, Hahn says that she’s always been a writer, so it was a natural progression for her to major in a writing-related field when she attended college. A graduate of Winona State University, she holds a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication/Journalism and has furthered her studies to receive her master’s degree in Mass Communication/Media Management with an emphasis in higher education from the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication at Arizona State University. She complements these degrees with a certificate in historic preservation.

“I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember, (and) I always dreamed of being a published author. Writing has always been part of who I am,” Hahn says.


With the release of “Pandora’s Passion,” Hahn finds herself still too busy to slow down and is hard at work preparing for the release of her next two books. First up is a Regency Romance set in 1805 entitled “Miss Evergreen’s Plum Pudding Surprise,” which will be part of an anthology of short stories expected to release in Spring 2017 by Minnesota publisher, Melange Books. 

Second on the list is a work of non-fiction related to Rochester history. “This is completely different from my fiction work; however, I’ve been working on doing more historical writing. I was contracted for the book in July, and I’ve got big content deadlines at the end of January and February,” says Hahn. The book is titled “Lost Rochester, Minnesota,” and it’s due to be released in early 2018. 

“I’m very excited to combine my journalism skills and historic preservation interest in writing this book. It’s been very interesting. I’ve been buried in the archives at the History Center of Olmsted County finding historic photos and researching information of lost buildings, businesses and sites,” she says. 

Hahn’s novels and novellas can be found online through Amazon and Barnes & Noble or through links available on her website. For more information about Amy Hahn or to read her blog, visit amy-hahn.com.

Catherine H. Armstrong holds a B.A. in Journalism from the University of Oklahoma and is the author of The Edge of Nowhere, released in January 2016.  For more information visit charmstrongbooks.com