Local Reads

A Regional Round-Up of Women Authors
By Gina Dewink

Human, with a Side of Soul
One Woman’s Soul Quest through Open-Minded Interviews

In this light hearted look at soul beliefs and the joy of being human, Dewink asks a dozen strangers from the medical, scientific and spiritual realms about soul beliefs—an environmental consultant who believes she’s lived before, a neurologist studying patients in a coma, a medical mystery who survived more than one near-death experience, a Bible-quoting atheist and more. Is there a common belief woven throughout every opinion?

Author: Gina Dewink (ginadewink.com)
Best thing about being an area author: Connecting with the Rochester MN Writer’s Group.

I Belly Dance Because
The Transformative Power of Dance

This inspirational book features 38 dancers who tell their stories about why they dance and how dance has changed their lives. From a woman whose dance helps her to find her feminine side after working in the mines to another whose dance reminds her daily of her triumph over an eating disorder, these stories will resonate with dancers and nondancers alike.

Author: Terri Allred (thirdeyedance.com)
Best thing about being an area author: I love surprising people with my southern accent (originally from North Carolina) and explaining I live in Rochester, Minnesota.

The Grandma Force
How Grandmothers are Changing Grandchildren, Families, and Themselves

We live in a fast-paced, complex time—a time when too many grandchildren are victims of bullying, internet scams or abuse.
“The Grandma Force” weaves Hodgson’s personal story with thought-provoking research findings to create ideas for helping grandchildren. In this inspiring read, Hodgson pairs the power of love with evidence that grandmothers around the world are standing up for grandchildren and creating a hopeful future. New grandmothers, experienced grandmothers and soon-to-be grandmothers will benefit from this book.

Author: Harriet Hodgson (harriethodgson.com)
Best thing about being an area author: Most residents are kind, helpful, generous people. They aren’t pretending to be “Minnesota nice”—they are genuinely nice. I am blessed to live here.