Local Reads

A Regional Round-Up of Women Authors
By Gina Dewink

Price of a Bounty
Keira Maddock lives in a dark future in which the Elite have everything, and everyone else suffers. She is a survivor. Out of necessity, she has become a skilled seductress, thief and bounty hunter—a Freelancer. When a typical job goes awry, it changes everything. Alliances are formed, long-kept secrets are revealed and lives are forever changed. In book one of the “Reliance on Citizens” trilogy, S.L. Wallace introduces a world divided in which not everyone is who he seems to be.
Author: S.L. Wallace (slwallace.com)
Best thing about being an area author: The opportunities! Rochester has so much to offer, yet has a small town feel with a highly diverse population. I really couldn’t ask for a better place to live.

Don’t Fall
In this modern-day retelling of “Rapunzel,” Anya has her books, her photography and her daydreams. She doesn’t think she needs anything else. She lives in a house on the edge of town with her adopted mother who goes to extreme measures to keep her daughter safe. One day, Anya takes a picture of a boy. Before long, she’s lying to her mother and sneaking out to meet Zander. But Zander wants more than a secret romance. If Anya wants to be with the boy of her dreams, she will have to risk her relationship with the only other person she’s ever cared about.
Author: Rachel Schieffelbein (facebook.com/RMSchieffelbein)
Best thing about being an area author: The community! I’ve met so many wonderful writers here.

The Science of Monsters
If you love film that scares and want to believe that zombies, vampires and other deadly and terrifying creatures could be real, let Meg Hafdahl and Kelly Florence—the women behind the “Horror Rewind” podcast that Film Daddy called “the best horror film podcast out there”—take you to the world where horror and science meet.
Author: Meg Hafdahl (meghafdahl.com)
Best thing about being an area author: Rochester is such a supportive, artistic community!