Elias Construction professionals share collective knowledge
By Trish Amundson

How can I make my kitchen more functional? What’s hot and what’s not in home design trends? How can I make my dream space a reality? Questions and decisions about home renovations can be overwhelming, but inquiries like these are what prompted informative and productive dialogue at Ask the Experts, a first-time event hosted by Byron-based Elias Construction, LLC. The open discussion about home remodeling took place at Cambria Gallery on April 23, 2019.  


Mickey Elias, owner, oversees all aspects of Elias Construction, including creating proposals, drawing floor plans and managing project construction and subcontractors to ensure high-quality work and adherence to project schedules. 

Jessica Markley, interior designer, assists clients with project selections, researches options and makes recommendations. She helps cultivate and execute the client’s desired vision for their project. Markley is also the company’s marketing manager.

Bill Koetter, design and sales consultant, specializes in project design, such as kitchen layout and cabinetry—his role includes drawing plans for custom cabinetry. Koetter also creates proposals and helps clients navigate through the functionality of their space plans.


“Our team members have taken part in separate speaking engagements and presentations, each on our perspective areas of expertise,” says Elias. His company, known for organized and quality remodeling, specializes in mid- to large-scale remodels such as kitchens, basements, master suites and whole home remodels.

“The idea behind Ask the Experts is to offer the audience all of our collective knowledge in one event,” Elias says. Attendees have access to tap team members who have specialized skills and know-how. “Bill’s area of expertise is layout and cabinetry, Jessica’s is interior design, and mine is logistics and technical-related.” 


The Elias professionals have successfully completed over 200 remodels—there is not much they haven’t seen or done. At Ask the Experts, they welcomed several attendees who could present their questions and get real, in-person answers. For example:

Question: Is it possible to reconfigure my existing kitchen layout and add an island?

Answer: “Islands are very popular and great for entertaining, but not every kitchen has the space to accommodate an island,” explains Markley. “Function should always take prevalence over fashion, and part of our expertise includes helping our clients understand how their space can work best for their needs. This involves creative thinking and problem solving to create a space that is not only beautiful, but incredibly useful as well.”

Question: I want my kitchen to be timeless. Will this design go out of style? 

Answer: “Home trends come in and go out of style over the years, so how can a homeowner be sure that their choices will stand the test of time? Investing in high-quality core elements, such as cabinetry, flooring and countertops, can go a long way in staying current,” says Markley. She points out that well-crafted kitchen features will not be subject to as much wear and tear, so replacement isn’t necessary for an extended period of time. “A neutral color palette, shaker style cabinetry and glass door inserts are elements that remain constantly favored throughout the years,” she adds. “The kitchen is often revered as the ‘heart of the home,’ so stay true to what speaks to your personal style and your family.”


Elias Construction is planning their next Ask the Experts event for spring 2020. To learn more or to ask questions about your home renovation project, you are encouraged to visit their website, email or call 507-208-4490.

The opportunity to ask remodeling questions of trusted and knowledgeable construction professionals will give you clarity and peace of mind. Elias Construction experts can provide useful advice and help you make remodeling decisions that you will never regret.

Trish Amundson is a Rochester-area freelance writer.