I Am A Beautiful Rochester Woman: Val Kleinhans

Valerie Klienhans moved to Rochester in July 2016 and started working with Townsquare Media in August. She recently celebrated her one-year anniversary with Z-Rock 107.7 and Quick Country 96.5.


Val posted on Facebook, “I can’t thank you guys enough for supporting my wacky adventures (really my whole radio career since 2011!) and tuning in when you can. Some of you even helped me move up the ladder, and I can’t thank you enough for that either. Last week I mentioned how much I appreciate the creativity I can bring to these stations, and I hope to do more of the same. Thank you all! Seriously!!”  You can help Val celebrate by becoming her friend on Facebook and liking Quick Country 96.5 and Z-Rock 107.7.  

Sara Drewry Clausen, regional director of the American Heart Association, comments to Val, “You are a talented and very creative woman! Congrats on the great year already in Rochester!!!!”

Sarah Fisher Wolf says, “She has done some awesome things for Z-Rock and for the local music scene.” She tells her, “Keep doing what you do best, girl!”

Regional Operations Manager at Townsquare Media James Berry Wilde comments, “You have blossomed this past year on both. You sound great on-air and have brought tremendous energy and enthusiasm.”


We at Rochester Women  magazine congratulate you, too, Val, on your first year with Townsquare Media. You are a beautiful Rochester Woman because you make a difference in the lives of Rochester-area women.


Val was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She earned a bachelor’s degree from Point Park University in Pittsburgh.

Before moving to Rochester, she was on the air at Studstill Media in Peru, Illinois, two hours outside of Chicago. Prior to that she was a promotions assistant/board operator at CBS Radio in Pittsburgh. “My training really came from being ‘on the job’; a lot of what ‘sticks with you’ is hands-on learning,” she says. 


Val lives with her husband, Will, and their cat, Pantera. She enjoys traveling, hiking and spending time with friends and family. She says she enjoys “getting every slice of pizza I can get my hands on.”


The team at Townsquare Media and Rochester Women  magazine arranged for Val to get her makeup done by Katie Kirckoff, owner of GLAM Beauty Lounge, at the Rochester Women’s Fall Expo last year. Val hadn’t had a makeover since her wedding in 2014 and was excited to learn new tricks and tips from Katie.

Val says, “I felt pretty! I wasn’t 100 percent into the lipstick, just because I’m not typically a ‘lipstick kind of girl’; however, Katie totally understood my love for a good cat eye.” 

That evening Val went out for dinner and a movie with her husband. She looked as lovely as she did on her wedding day almost two years ago. 


“I think a lot of women have a hard time admitting that there is something they like about themselves, but I hope that changes. For me, I’m glad that I’m an open person and that I tend to wear my heart on my sleeve,” she admits. “Everyone knows exactly what they’re getting with me. I pride myself on that.”


For other women, Val suggests, “Feeling good, and looking good, all starts with prioritizing yourself. Whether that means taking care of your mental, physical or emotional state.” She explains that she knows how terrible she feels when she hasn’t taken sufficient “Val time.” To her, “Val time” can mean anything from gym time to buying new clothes or makeup or getting a haircut. She says, “It’s a constant balance, but your productivity centers around what’s inside you.”