Around the Town

Unique Products from Local Businesses
By Elizabeth Harris

Weighted Blanket – Ashley’s Hallmark
Weighted blankets have become very popular for people of all ages. They are known to help reduce stress and anxiety by mimicking the feeling of a cozy embrace. This supposedly increases serotonin production, creating a sense of calm and promoting a better night’s rest. Ashely’s Hallmark, on the north side of Rochester, carries a 10-pound weighted throw by Northpoint Trading. This cozy blanket, which measures roughly 4 feet by 5 feet, is soft and fuzzy to the touch and is filled with small glass beads that apply even weight across the body’s pressure points, which helps the user to feel more relaxed.

The Bramble – Bar Buffalo
The Bramble at Bar Buffalo on Historic Third Street is a tasty way to introduce gin to your palate. It’s a take on the Whiskey Smash and tastes as good as it looks. Ingredients include gin (usually Tanqueray), sugar, water and lemon, and it is topped with raspberry liqueur. Mixed with crushed ice and garnished with lemon zest and a blackberry, it’s a delightful thirst quencher. Bar Buffalo has over 80 types of gin and a full menu with a wide variety of vegetarian and vegan options.

Metal Prints and Hand-Painted Scarves – SEMVA Art Gallery
SEMVA Art Gallery, located on South Broadway, is the home of the artwork of 72 local artists. It’s somewhere you could spend hours admiring the work of this area’s most talented creatives. Photographer Larry Ricker creates stunning photographs that could be mistaken for a window right into the wilderness. Many of his pieces are printed on metal, giving them an extremely vivid and eye-popping look. Dr. Monika L. Glovivzki creates not only beautiful paintings, but also wearable art. Her spectacular hand-painted silk scarves are the perfect accessory to any outfit. SEMVA should be on every Rochester resident’s must-visit list.

Hypervolt Massage Gun – TerraLoco
Increase blood flow, improve mobility and relieve sore muscles—the Hypervolt massage gun is known to do all these things. Hypervolt has five interchangeable heads and three different intensity settings. This tool is a great investment piece, and many people use the Hypervolt in place of in-person massages. It is even becoming increasingly popular in the world of physical therapy. Many athletes use the device to aid with workout recovery, but it can be and is used by people of all athletic abilities. TerraLoco in south Rochester is where this deep tissue percussion massager can be found.

MJ Rose Bag – Luya Shoes and Other Fine Things 
Luya is located in Zumbrota and is a one-stop shop for all types of women’s footwear and accessories. One of the many great finds is the MJ Rose Bag. Ideal for all types of travel, this bag has a removable canvas liner. When the liner is removed, the bag lays completely flat, making it perfectly packable. This bag comes in four different colors.

SoapRocks – KD Fine Jewelers
SoapRocks are made in Oneota, a small New York town. Here in Rochester they can be found at KD Fine Jewelers on North Broadway. One of the best ways to describe these bars of soap is functional art. Over 180 steps go into making each handcrafted gem. SoapRocks contain all organic ingredients and are completely cruelty free. The glycerin-based and vitamin-packed ingredients are gentle, natural and perfectly moisturizing for all skin types. While they look beautiful next to bathroom and kitchen sinks, many users say they also work great as shaving cream, volumizing shampoo and a gentle make-up remover. Each soap is completely unique and is made to replicate various stones like opal, amethyst, tiger’s eye and many more.