Night Owl Meditations: A Blog About Life

Night Owl Meditations is a blog I began with the purpose of writing about the random things that I think about on any given day. At first glance through the posts, it may appear capricious. There is humor (off-beat), and I also write about personal experiences in relationships, mental health, love, art, mysticism and anything else that feels relevant to me at the time.


My most recent post is entitled “Girl of Darkness,” and it is a metaphorical exploration of trauma. I read a book recently by intuitive coach Colette Baron-Reid called, “The Map,” and my post was inspired by the exercises in the book. It was an exercise for me in facing my inner nightmares brought on by trauma I had experienced, which caused me to live for a long time with undiagnosed PTSD. 

I have recently begun, mostly on my own, but also with the support of loved ones, healing from the trauma to have a better life. I haven’t written
about it much because I’ve been experiencing it instead. The idea of facing and incorporating your shadow is a Jungian concept that I have found brings peace. 


I was also doing a regular series called, “Free Spirit Fridays,” where I interviewed local artists about the work that they do. I am considering starting that series up again if there is enough interest from the local artists. 

I will also be writing about spiritual experiences and topics relevant to my spiritual path, which does fall along the lines of Wiccan, though I do not consider myself to be Wiccan. I do a lot of dream analysis and oracle card readings and follow the moon phases for living my life. I may be writing more in depth about that, along with my travel experiences. 


I have written a criticism of the arts community in Rochester entitled, “What Art Scene?,” which has received attention and brought about positive improvements. When I interview the artists for Free Spirit Fridays, I often ask what they would like to see develop for the Rochester art community. 

John Sievers mentioned that he wanted to see a jazz festival, and that occurred in July, which is wonderful. There are many artists in Rochester who are making things and deserve to have a space. Such creative talent could be put to use to make the city more interesting in many ways.


Other than that my latest writings are focused on personal reflection and the concept of success. It’s really easy for me to think that I haven’t done enough with my life, but my loved ones often point to the myriad of experiences that I’ve had as proof that I have really been living. I don’t like to buy into the typical idea of success in America (school, job, marriage, house, retirement, fun right before death).  I didn’t go to college because I couldn’t afford it. I didn’t know what I wanted to do and didn’t want to go into debt. I’m glad that I didn’t go to college now, especially with the debt my peers are in and the trouble finding work. I have taken it upon myself to become self-taught. I have not had a typical life by any means.  

So, that is a taste of what I have created in my little space on the Internet. You can find me at  I do hope you’ll stop by and say hello. Also, please stay tuned for more.

Jessica Ripley is an author and artist from Rochester. She likes to travel, cook, read, garden, spend time with friends and nap. She lives in a duplex with the man of her dreams, their cat, Piper, and tortoise, Alex. She loves the ocean and the moon.