Rochester MN Mom’s Blog: Building Community Online and Off Among Moms in Rochester

What are your first thoughts when you hear the term “Mom Blog?” Do you think of recipes, do it yourself toddler activities or freezer meal plans? What I thought of when approached about creating a mom blog in Rochester was an incredible opportunity to unite the energy of a powerful group of women in our community. 


I was born and raised in Rochester and have known no other city as home, outside of my time in college in St. Paul and a six-month stint as a nanny in London. As I’ve built my career and family in Rochester, I have slowly understood that I have a strong sense of place and space in my life. Where I live, move and breathe is monumentally important to me. Without even realizing it happened, I became an unofficial ambassador for Rochester. Helping people love Rochester became a defining characteristic.  

I became a mother for the first time 18 months ago and am due to become a mother for the second time around the turn of the year. Shortly before my daughter’s birth, I kept looking for a website that had dedicated resources for moms and parents in our community and wondered who on earth would start such a thing?

At the beginning of summer 2015, I decided that it was time to stop waiting and start doing. Who could be better qualified than the (unofficial) ambassador of Rochester?  That’s when the “Rochester MN Moms Blog” was born.


“Rochester MN Moms Blog” seeks to build community online and offline.  Our goal is to build trust by providing information and content that is accurate, timely and relevant. We are a parenting resource website rich with original, locally-sourced and focused content that engages parents and non-parents alike. 

Our team consists of 16 volunteer contributors, as well as guest writers who have a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences that offer unique parenting perspectives, anecdotes, advice and ideas. This group of women represents Rochester’s diverse backgrounds, viewpoints and perspectives. Their distinct voices offer credibility, are relatable, and contribute to the strength of “Rochester MN Moms Blog.” We want all parents—new to town or born and raised—to feel at home in Rochester, Minnesota and proud to be a part of our incredible city. Additionally, the site offers guides, suggestions, opinions and research on the Rochester area to help parents navigate the choppy waters of parenting with ease. 

Our contributors submit at least two posts per month that can be based on a series or a topic for the month, while others are simply a topic that a contributor is passionate about. We have lively discussions around marriage, relationships, toddler activities, preparing for your first baby and more. We plan to dive into topics that offer unique perspectives on either side of relevant parenting issues such as breastfeeding, co-sleeping, schooling choices, parenting techniques and more.


Keep an eye out in the near future when we introduce Neighborhood and Community Groups. This will be a unique opportunity for moms to build a community with their next-door neighbors. We also have in the works hosting local events for women suited to their needs and interests or simply for a night on the town. 

We recently launched Rochester Moms Blog Gives. This program allows moms to shower local and deserving organizations with needed supplies and services. We can’t wait to see these two areas of our community come together, and we can’t wait to see mothers in this community feel more connected, empowered and ready to tackle each day in this
amazing town.

Parents are a powerful group. We look forward to channeling this power and energy back into our community here in Rochester. 

Becky is the owner and founder of “Rochester MN Moms Blog.” Born and raised in Rochester, she considers herself a Minnesota girl through and through.