Оuarry Hill Nature Art Show and Sale: Bringing together nature and art

The Quarry Hill Nature Art Show and Sale is a great place to view art with a nature theme. Maybe you are looking for a dash of color to add to your home or a handmade gift.


The 12th Annual Quarry Hill Nature Art Show and Sale will be held December 5 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. and December 6 from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Quarry Hill Nature Center, 701 Silver Creek Road NE, Rochester, Minnesota. Ten percent of the show’s sales are donated to Friends of Quarry Hill to support Quarry Hill’s nature education programs.

All of the artists in the show are local artists. “I’m a firm believer in buying local. We love to support our local artists,” says Jacque Bonsi, stained glass creations and birdhouse gourds artist.  

“[The show] supports local artists and Quarry Hill,” explains Sandy Hokanson, bird illustrator. 


A wide variety of art will be on display at the sale, including pottery, photography, metal sculpture, collages, stained glass creations, wood art, bird illustrations and jewelry. Stop and enjoy the wood-burning fireplace, walk around, see the art on display and talk to the artists who created it. 

“One thing that keeps me coming back and one reason I do the show is it’s a very comfortable and enjoyable environment,” says David Munz, hand-formed and wheel-thrown stoneware pottery artist.

“Nature is the biggest artwork there is,” describes Hokanson. “A lot of artists in the show have been inspired by nature. For me, [you have] this great combination…nature and art, and it brings joy.” 

“It’s time to get back to a great appreciation and knowledge of nature. At the show, not only can you appreciate nature, but you can experience the art. This is your chance to visit with us, learn our craft and see demonstrations. It’s just fun,” describes Bonsi.


“This year is special because we have new artists,” says Bonsi. Of the ten artists in this year’s show, five are participating for the first time. Artists urge people to come out for Quarry Hill Nature Art Show. “Come for an hour and get away and see what local artists have to offer,” suggests Hokanson. 

“People who come to Quarry Hill, come to enjoy it,” says Munz.

While at Quarry Hill, if you feel like exploring nature, you can take a hike or go cross-country skiing on the trails. Check out some of the other events and programs for all ages held throughout the year at Quarry Hill by visiting their website at qhnc.org.

Alison Rentschler is a writer and editor living in Rochester, Minnesota.