We Are Happy, Grateful and Celebrating

This issue of Rochester Women magazine is our 100th issue. To celebrate, I am sharing some comments from contributors and friends of Rochester Women magazine. Please join our celebration by posting your happy thoughts on the Rochester Women magazine Facebook page this summer. Thank you! 


As a Master Gardener, Gayle Kall was featured on the cover of the second issue of Rochester Women magazine in 2000. Last summer, she posted a question on Facebook asking what good things happened in people’s lives that day. The posts flooded in. I recently asked her to post the question again. She asked, “What are you feeling grateful for, and/or what makes you happy?” Her friend Lori Mickelson responded, “Family and my faith.” Rochester Women magazine’s first editor, Kimberly Keebler Dresner, who now lives and teaches in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, responded, “Old friends. Love you!” Many other friends responded with positive thoughts. Then Gayle posted all of the things she is happy about as follows: 


-the security of my husband’s love
-when all three children are home at the same time
-the knowledge that my children have each other’s back
-tulips in bloom
-my dog, Cooper
-my daughter’s smile
-a job well done
-a clean house
-good red wine
-pizza and the time to eat it hot
-girlfriends that love me unconditionally
-the color purple
– justice
– when Jack’s friends are over and they spontaneously break into song
– my sister, Ellen
-the sound of children laughing
-talking to strangers
– the warmth of the sun on my back
-spontaneous hugs
-the fact that so many people call me “mom”
-when my daughter-in-law gives me a hug
-Pasquale Presa—his energy is contagious
-when the laundry is done
-Amy Britain—I love her honesty
-the whole Kall family; I got lucky
– the sound of the bullfrogs on the lake
-self-sufficient and happy children
-Jack going to law school
-clean sheets on the bed
-courageous women
-my friend Tina Liebling running for governor; how lucky would Minnesota be?
-Benjamin Kall’s self-confidence


Dawn Sanborn, a freelance photographer and writer for Rochester Women  magazine, has been keeping her gratitude journal for years and recently started posting her Random Gratefulness for the day on Facebook. She says, “I hope to spread the love and inspire others.” On Wednesday, June 7, 2017, she posted “My Random Gratefulness for today:

1. That I finished up all that work that I needed to get done and still had time to relax. #lifeisgreat

2. Another day in paradise here on my farm. Never thought I could be so lucky to have such a beautiful place to live and exist. With four horses, a donkey, seven goats, 10 cats, one pig, one cockatiel, six chickens, one rooster and three dogs—my life is complete! Every day is a blessing!

3. The quietness of the front porch: Trees bristling in the wind, birds chirping, cats playing in the yard…what could be more peaceful? And isn’t peace and happiness what we all long for?

Yes! What’s one thing you are grateful for today?” 

As usual, Dawn had more than a dozen friends like her daily post and comment about what they are grateful for. One day I commented that I am grateful for Dawn. Another day, my friend Emily Watkins commented that she was grateful for me! ♥


I am personally celebrating my son Will Hansen’s graduation from Century High School and my younger son Calvin’s completion of elementary school. I celebrate every time my daughter Tiffany Hansen comes home from college to visit. I celebrate every day that my dog Roxy is with us because she was diagnosed with diabetes this spring and has been struggling. I am celebrating passing my project management professional certification this spring and look forward to the next phase of my career. 

I asked our readers and contributors to share what they are celebrating this summer. I received numerous responses. 

I encourage all Rochester Women magazine readers to post this question to your friends this summer. See how many responses you get. People need the positive energy. 

Introducing the newest member of the Kranebell household! Piper Rose. ~Nikki Manion Kranebell with Audie Kranebell and Jane Schmitz

Amazing evening today—one of my Buddhist peers sat with me at the temple and showed me how to read the mantras. These are things I always wanted to try…it’s great having caring people around! I was actually able to read them!  ~Alya Woioi

Are you sharing your gifts in the world, freely and fully? I Am.  ~LuAnn Buechler

Peonies in bloom on my farm this afternoon. Just in case you are in need of something good right now.   ~Kim Zabel

“OMG Karen! I got accepted! ♥ ” ~A student posted to Karen Light Edmonds, Project Legacy

Will wonders ever cease? Sue can actually lay a floor. Stay tuned for new book detail! ~Sue Whitney

I am happy to be introducing my kids to one of my greatest loves this summer—France! I’m grateful for the opportunity to see my happy place through their eyes and share my passion for the French culture (and the bread!) with them! ~Emily Watkins

I am happy to have, yes, teenagers. They make interesting conversation, clean the bathroom and watch rated PG-13 movies. I love this stage of their lives! ~Renee Berg

As a writer for Rochester Women magazine, I am grateful for the opportunity to tell the stories of Rochester-area women who exemplify leadership, compassion for others, creativity, service to the community and hard work in achieving lifelong milestones. I hope readers will be encouraged by what these remarkable women are doing and will aspire to accomplish—and celebrate!—their personal goals and dreams. Thank you! ~Trish Amundson 

I’m happy, grateful and celebrating the launch of my first novel, “Time in My Pocket,” this fall. It’s been a dream of mine since elementary school to publish a book! With my supportive husband and two humor-inspiring children, I’m now making it a reality. ~Gina Dewink

Jessica and I are at Thursdays on First doing a little celebrating. She passed her CNA test today in preparation for entering a nursing program in the fall. Congrats, Jess! ~Holly Galbus, June 1, 2017

Chris Anderson moved into her townhome a year ago and has been working at Mayo Clinic for 29 years!

RCTC LIFE (Learning is Forever) is celebrating its 25th Anniversary.

Kristie Moore opened Soul Purpose in downtown Rochester this year.

Rochester Area Foundation has been such an incredible support for Jeremiah Program as we launch a campus here in Rochester.  ~JoMarie Morris

Feeling successful: I watched a Nicholas Sparks movie last night and woke up SANS puffy eyes! WOOT! Also, supported my Dear Ones through another year of their public education lives. Thank you to all the teachers who put your hearts into our blossoming future!  ~Beth Ely

We have truly been blessed with so many great memories and have raised fine young men.  Just look at how much they’ve grown over the years! I have so many pictures of these boys.  Just love them to pieces! Hugs! ~Lisa Halverson

Dipping my feet in lake water and spending time in the sunshine. ~Erin Gibbons

Kristin Hoefling, Registered Personal Banker 2 at Wells Fargo, celebrates 14 years at Wells Fargo.

Another successful Tuesday.  ~#YogaTribeMN

Every year, more than 1 million patients from all 50 states and nearly 150 countries choose Mayo Clinic for their medical care.

Bicycle Sports is celebrating 33 years!

Celebrate at Olmsted County Fair July 24–30, 2017 olmstedcountyfair.com 

C.O. Brown is celebrating 100 years!

Sisters of St. Francis congregation is celebrating its 140th anniversary!

150 years! On October 17, 1867 Rochester YMCA was organized as a reading room for young men to spend their winter evenings.

Byron’s 150th birthday.

The City of Rochester, Minnesota (pop. 110,000) Park and Recreation Department provides many leisure time opportunities for people to enjoy and manages more than 4,100 acres of park land including four golf courses, over 100 individual parks and 85 miles of paved trails.


Alphabet Photograph Locations: W – Photographer’s front yard; E- Wrought iron from a Plummer House bench; A – Branches in field by Quarry Hill; R – on the north side of Silver Lake near the shelter; E- Railroad tracks by Quarry Hill; H – The north side of the building of Redwood Room; A – Chateau Theater; P – House railing by Crenlo; P – House railing by Crenlo; Y – Tree behind Mayo Civic Center.