Wines of the World: Supports Bear Creek Services

For the past 28 years, Wines of the World has offered an opportunity to enjoy a fine evening of food and wine tasting, while supporting the mission of Bear Creek Services. Rochester International Event Center is transformed to a showcase of more than 200 wines and delicious food, along with select beers and craft spirits, auction items, live music and more. The event closes with an opportunity to order wines featured at the event, at special event prices. Plan to enjoy these at a later date, in your souvenir wine glass. 


At an event like this, where there is so much to sample, remember, you don’t have to try it all–well you can’t–and you don’t have to like everything you try. That said, being open to hearing why someone likes a wine you don’t can help you better understand, and identify, those wines which you are more likely to enjoy. Such insight can help you make better decisions when ordering wine at a restaurant or purchasing a bottle at a wine shop.


The very basics of wine tasting can be reduced to “see-swirl-smell-sip.” As you engage in conversation with wine distributors who have in-depth knowledge of their wines, learn what affects the color of wine. Become more aware of the nuances of aromas and flavors a given varietal of wine can display. Notice the “weight” of the wine. Essentially, this is the physical sensation, or “mouth-feel” experienced by your palate and often referred to as “body.”


It can be a delight to discover liking a specific wine, which falls in a style category you normally don’t care for. This can be as simple as finding a white, when you describe yourself as a “red wine drinker.” Or you may discover a California Malbec which your palate prefers to those from Argentina, where you thought all Malbecs were from.


As wine is very sensory, it is a courtesy to others not to wear perfume, aftershave or anything with fragrance. Feel free to linger at the various tasting stations, engaging in conversation with the knowledgeable distributors, but do be aware of others around you, stepping back as needed so others can get a sample poured. After stepping aside, you can continue to enjoy what is in your glass while engaging in other conversations.

Indeed, there is a world of difference in how a given varietal can present, which goes beyond vintage and region. Wines of the World offers an opportunity to experience all this and more while supporting a good cause, right here in Rochester.



Margo Stich is a Rochester area freelance writer.