Revitalizing Rhubarb – Rhubarb Cookbook Reviews

0021“Everything Rhubarb: Recipes and stories from a small town that celebrates rhubarb,” Dry Store Publishing Company, 2010, $15 (pbk). For orders, email

As spring welcomes rhubarb season, here is a delightful collection that will inspire destination travel and culinary adventures. Four dynamo Lanesboro women identified on the title page as “Top Stalk” Nancy Martinson, “The Root” Heidi Dybing, “Tallest Stalk” Mary Bell and “Newest Stalk” Jennifer Wood published this cookbook in 2010. They depict the community spirit of Lanesboro and surrounding area along with images of the annual June rhubarb festival.

    You will find more than 77 yummy rhubarb recipes, both sweet and savory, including appetizers, baked goods, chutneys, entrees, frozen desserts, salads and salsas. This softcover book is a must on the list of fun “springtime/anytime” gifts. For more on this collection, the Lanesboro festival and the upcoming rhubarb contest, visit

0039“Rhubarb Renaissance,” Minnesota Historical Press, 2012, $16.95 (pbk), 128 pgs. For orders, visit, 800-621-2736,

Many associate rhubarb with that tart stalk simply suitable to sweetened fruit pastries. In “Rhubarb Renaissance,” seasoned writer/baker Kim Ode inspires the cook to discover rhubarb as one of the great flavors of horticulture.

    Notes on rhubarb’s historic medicinal uses, preservation advice and kitchen basics precede her selection of more than 50 creative recipes for appetizers, entrées, desserts and breads. From variations on common dishes, like her Tenderloins with RhubarBQ Sauce and Zucchini-Rhubarb Bread to clever items such as Spiced Couscous with Rhubarb and Figs and Chop-Chop Sweet and Sour Stir-fry, this collection will reintroduce this “springtime stalk” to your family dinner table in fresh creative ways.

Margo Stich is food editor for Rochester Women magazine.