Building Longer Tables

Happy 20th birthday to Rochester Women Magazine! Thank you to all the readers and advertisers who have supported this publication over the years. As a newbie, I am slowly, but surely, learning the history (or “herstory”) of the magazine. As March is Women’s History Month, enjoy learning about the History Center of Olmsted County’s monthly leadership circle (p. 42). Also, happy International Women’s Day on March 8! To celebrate, we hear from four local women of diverse backgrounds in their native languages (p. 11). 

In a recent sermon, the pastor reminded us that we are constantly casting votes by how we spend our time and money. Each of these moments is a building block of who we are. I’ve always hoped to be someone who fights for those whose voices are quieter than mine, and one goal I have is for any person who identifies as a woman to see herself/theirself in these pages and in our social media. Learn more about the importance of pronouns in Rethinking Gender (p. 18) and consider Diversity vs. Inclusion (p. 15). I’m also excited to welcome some student writers to this issue. Read about local international grocery stores (p. 34) and the perspective of a daughter of immigrants (p. 13).

We are excited to roll out a new column on local women authors (p. 12), so be sure to look for these books to add to your reading list. Enjoy creating some food fashion with our guide to charcuterie boards (p. 32) and stroll down memory lane with our article about prom (p. 20).

A podcast I’ve listened to recently talks about “building longer tables,” so that women can share equally in the bounty we find in our world. As we welcome spring and everything feels a little bit lighter, let’s use our time and money to invite others to pull up a chair to our table of life, where we can celebrate each other and put more goodness out into the world.