Empowering Women to Live Passionately

I have been thinking about what it was like 18 years ago when I started Rochester Women magazine, what has changed and what has stayed the same. Rochester Women magazine’s mission remains the same: Help area women connect with each other and the community. However, as a result of taking the Passion Test several times, we have redefined our purpose: Empower women to live passionately. 

You (our readers) and the world we live in have changed. The population of Rochester has increased by more than 25,500 since 2000.* The median age in Rochester has increased from 34.3 in 2000 to 35.4. There are now 32.6 percent more housing units in Rochester, and 44 percent of them have children under 18. In 2000 there were 2,883 female householders with no husband present. In 2017, there were 4,076 female householders, 66 percent with own children under the age of 18. Of the adult (over 18 years) population, 47.9 percent (40,438) are male and 52.1 percent (43,922) are female. 


The African-American (8 percent) and Asian (9 percent) populations are greater in Rochester now than in 2000; although White (of European descent) still make up the majority (84 percent) of the population. Our community has been trying to become more inclusive, compassionate and welcoming as the population changes in ethnicity.  

We are now more connected through technology than ever. RWmagazine.com has been making online connections since 2000 and was redesigned in 2011 to include our Facebook feed. We update RWmagazine.com with new content from each issue, which draws more than 2,000 viewers per bimonthly cycle. In addition, we now have 2,314 (and growing) Facebook followers. Like and follow Rochester Women on Facebook for more information and event invitations.

I started Rochester Women magazine as a sole proprietor in 2000. In 2002, I partnered with Doug Solinger and began printing with his company, Midwest Litho. In 2017, I became the sole proprietor of Women Communications, L.L.C. DBA Rochester Women magazine again. I am proud to be a business owner. With all of the challenges, instability and risk comes pride and joy, creative opportunities, flexibility and great connections. I am grateful that Rochester businesses support this publication and our mission. 

You may have noticed the women in business on the cover of this issue of Rochester Women magazine March/April 2018 issue, because this issue includes Rochester Women’s Business & Resource Directory. Look for the advertorials (mini articles) throughout this issue and the Business Listings (pages 14-17) and nonprofit Resource Listings (pages 33-40). Hold on to this issue to refer back to throughout the year. 

Over 18 years, we have published more than 100 issues, sponsored numerous events for women, listened, learned and laughed together. In 2018, Rochester Women magazine is ready to take on more adventures with you!