From The Editor: Dear Reader

Are you a mother, daughter, sister, friend, teacher, coach or mentor? We, women, tend to define ourselves by our relationships. Sometimes these roles can be demanding and leave us with little time or energy for ourselves. This issue of RochesterWomen magazine is about taking care of yourself so that you can be the best that you can be. You are worth it!


I am a mom of four beautiful children: Tiffany, 19; Will, 16; Calvin, 9; and RochesterWomen magazine, 15. Like the {mom}preneurs featured in this issue of RochesterWomen (page 12), I have a passion for and take pride in my family and my work. Similar to the KAAL TV ABC 6 News women featured in the cover story (page 15), I have many “friends” in the community who know me from RochesterWomen magazine. This drives my children crazy because when we go places, I talk to (and they think I know) everyone. It’s a blast being part of this vibrant community. I hope my children remember the exciting adventures we had with their sibling RochesterWomen magazine.

Read about the world-class, rejuvenating spa services available through the Mayo Clinic Resilient Living Program (page 22). I toured the impressive facility when it opened in the spring of 2014. Someday, I would like to “check in” for a few days to get away, relax and take some of their classes. But until then, I asked my friend Melissa Eggler to show us how to make an essential oils aromatherapy pack (page 21), like the one we made in Mothers & More club about 10 years ago. 

There is fun blossoming in southeastern Minnesota this spring (page 50). Lanesboro, named the “best girlfriends escape (southern Minnesota)” by the Star Tribune in their 2014 Best of MN, is hosting a Girls Day Out on Saturday, May 2, and there will be a JunkMARKET weekend full of fun at Four Daughters Vineyard & Winery (May 29-31). For the wild at heart, plan a camping trip up north in the Boundary Waters (page 48). Or get creative and sign up for a painting and wine class (page 30). I hope you take time to have fun with friends this summer!