From the Editor – Mar/Apr 2012

0036A ship in port is safe, but that is not what ships are for.
Sail out to sea and do new things. –Grace Hopper

When I started my first job after college, my dad told me, “You’ll never be this poor again.” He meant, of course, that I would likely work my way up the financial ladder as my career grew.

Later, I left that salaried job for a few leap-of-faith jobs, but Rochester Women magazine remained my constant. For eight years, I have enjoyed planning issue after issue full of stories that matter. I’ve written 47 editorials, handed out 40 Extraordinary Rochester Women Awards, worked with 13 interns, delivered more than 31,960 magazines and met more talented, accomplished and passionate women than I could have imagined. I have tried laughter yoga and Zumba, judged chili competitions, modeled clothing, had my picture taken in a squad car, attended a cupcake party, been spray tanned and attempted to bridle a horse in a team-building exercise.
What my dad said was true. I’m not as poor as I was then.  I am rich in friendships, knowledge, experience. But during these eight years, I developed some new interests and new dreams. And it’s time for me to follow those.
I used the Grace Hopper quote in my very first editorial in 2004, when this magazine was a wonderful new journey for me. But if I’m going to follow her advice, I can’t stay in this port. I have faith that life will point me in the right direction, and the right doors will open – for me and for all of you.