From the Editor: March/April 2013

marlene-petersenMarch marks my first anniversary as editor with RochesterWomen. This year, I’ve edited over 100 articles for publication, read thousands of emails and over 400 story ideas, seen hundreds of incredible photos and had a dozen cups of coffee with the editorial staff while planning each issue—all of which I expected and enjoyed.

But two things have surprised me. First, I never thought people would actually read my “from the editor” letters. I always assumed everyon—except my immediate family and closest friends who are bound by blood and other oaths—would just skip my prattle and dive right into the articles. So, many thanks to everyone (and anyone) who reads this, especially my friend Sherry who says she likes my letters because I write the way I talk. Second, I’ve never had a job where I enjoy phone calls so much. People are excited to talk with me and share their stories…a monumental change from my days as an attorney.

One of the most unique parts of this job is the lead time necessary to plan each issue. As a writer, I learned you have to get story ideas in early if you want them to be considered, but I didn’t appreciate how far in advance the planning begins. It feels odd planning a December holiday shopping guide before the leaves have changed in September.

Even as I write this letter, my sidewalk is filled with ice, but the issue itself sparkles with ideas for spring: fun trips for spring break (page 62), shopping at consignment stores for clothes in shades of bright green (page 10) and spring brunch menu and recipe suggestions, which our staff collectively made and
tested before finalizing in “Let’s Do Brunch” (page 36). The Cranberry Fizz and Strawberry Cream Cheese Pie were my favorites.

So when you read this letter in March and April, I hope the robins and daffodils I’ve been thinking about since January are finally here. Happy spring!

All the best,