From the Editor: May/June 2012

0031This issue we celebrate the mothers of Rochester. “The Call of the Soil” and “Accounting Ledgers and Christmas Hams” explore the dreams and adventures of several mother-daughter business ventures. In “Because I Said So!” I hear much of my own voice—and my mother’s—in Amy Brase’s advice to her young children.

    My first “child” was a basset hound, Freddie, followed three years later by my daughter, Meg. I thought having a dog would prepare me for motherhood, and in some ways it did. Of course, with Freddie I didn’t learn what sleep deprivation was, how to give a bottle or what it is like to carry a diaper bag everywhere for two years. But I became responsible for someone other than myself and, in return, experienced the wonder, love and affection that grow from the love you give another. That is what motherhood is all about, albeit the care of a child or a pet.

    This is also an issue filled with change, from a new editor in the front to a story about a benefit concert in the back. “A Song for Sendai” describes the free concert the Rochester Symphony Orchestra and Chorale is having in June to benefit the victims of the 2011 disasters in Japan. The concert aims to give hope to those whose lives have been changed forever.

    Change comes that way sometimes…hard, forever and seemingly senseless. Last summer, I became the sole caregiver for my mother who was dying of colon cancer. She was partially paralyzed and could not be alone. We were together, side-by-side, until she drew her last breath.

    It was a change I never wanted. But, like the philharmonic in Sendai Japan that plays for its people to make things better, we play through the changes that come, and sometimes, if we are blessed, we become better people for it.

    I am thrilled to be the editor of  Rochester Women magazine and look forward to the stories we will bring you in the years ahead. So now that you know a little about me, please write me at and tell me who you are, why you enjoy Rochester Women and what we can do to make it even better.

All the best,