From the Editor: Sept/Oct 2012

from-editor-septoct2012Throughout her 14-year encounter with cancer, my mother used to say, “I am not dying of cancer; I am living with cancer.”

She was not delusional about her condition; she knew that it could take her life, which in fact it did last September, but she chose to live…through every bought of chemo and every doctor’s appointment filled with bad news. She refused to let life pass her by one moment before her time.

 In that respect, she was very much like many of the women in this issue. All of them have chosen to live their lives, no matter what others think and no matter how long that might be. For Shelly Winemiller, Susan Swenson and Corinne Berg—the three beautiful ladies on our cover—they chose a procedure that some might see as radical but they saw as their decision. Before you judge their actions, let them walk you through the dilemmas they faced; learn how they reached their decisions.

I met Liz Yochum, our Healing Water recipient, for the first time about two months ago and was
struck by how she was living with cancer and doing it with grace and kindness and how she refused to let life pass her by one moment before her time. Sadly, she passed away Saturday, August 11th. Our deepest condolences go out to her family. But as you read her story, think on it as we did—because it was written before she passed—as a feature about an engaging woman of quiet persistence who have faced many hurdles and kept jumping over them.

My mom would have loved the house in our home feature with its hickory ceilings and double French-door office. She would have joined Margo, our food editor, as she canned salsa for this issue and grilled delectable chicken and pork chops. She would have talked me into renting the fringe-topped surrey bicycle mentioned in “Coasting through Colors,” then rode it to Whalen just to order a slice of pecan pie at Aromas Pie Shop (I proudly come from a long line of women who would bike great distances for pie!).

So, take this issue to heart and live! Go to the Fall Showcase of Homes and drool over inspiring designs, visit the Haunted Hallways fundraiser and say “hi” to someone you don’t know; buy some teal shoe laces and proudly wear them on bright purple shoes to help educate another about ovarian and pancreatic cancer. Don’t let life pass you by one moment before its time.

All the best,