Give Thanks

I thank you, our readers, for picking up this issue of RochesterWomen magazine. I appreciate you picking up each issue of RochesterWomen magazine and taking the time to read. Thank you for shopping with our advertisers (or being one). Thank you for the great ideas you share to truly make RochesterWomen your magazine, a place where you connect with each other and the community.

Thank you to our generous advertisers for investing in RochesterWomen magazine. We hope you see customers flooding your doors, and if you don’t measure your advertising that way, think about the women (and girls) who benefit from each issue of RochesterWomen magazine because of your support.

Thank you to our marketing account representatives, graphic designers, photographers, writers and distributors. RochesterWomen magazine is your work of art. Your skills are appreciated.


I give thanks to all of the women in this community who are taking good care of themselves and others around them. Thank you for being an inspiration to others and allowing us to feature you in RochesterWomen magazine.

Thank you to the women theatre directors who are featured on the cover of this November/December 2018 issue of RochesterWomen magazine (page 16). You have given so much of yourselves to entertain, teach and even heal us individually and as a community. Thank you to SEMYO conductors who give endlessly to our youth (page 20). Thank you to Rochester Area Handbells for providing free concerts for us to enjoy this holiday season (page 15).

Thank you to the all of the advertisers who are participating in our Holiday Gift Guide 2018 (page 12). They are offering promotions to help you, our readers, with your holiday gift giving and are providing gifts for you. 

Thank you to the organizations that exist for social justice in our community. We appreciate all you do for people. We hope our readers will give generously of their time and talents this holiday season (page 45).

I want to give you all thanks for the opportunity to publish RochesterWomen magazine. I am passionate about each issue, the women, organizations and topics we feature. I am truly grateful for the time I get to spend doing what I love.

As 2018 comes to a close, I hope you enjoy celebrating what has gone well for you this year while making peace with those people or events that have challenged you. 



There is so much to be thankful for,