Letter from the Editor

How are we almost to winter? It simultaneously feels like two weeks and 13,689 days since last November. Remember those simple days of planning year-end holidays? For this issue we asked several local women to share their holiday traditions with us, and they each shared that there would be at least a little difference between how they normally spend their holidays and what they’re planning this year. 

One thing that won’t change for my family is the joy of the foods that we associate with the holidays. We celebrate Christmas, and the foods that I associate with that holiday include foods from my Norwegian heritage: lefse and krumkake (but not lutefisk!). One important tradition for me is cookie baking. My pantry fills up with flour, sugar and butter starting in mid-November to allow for holiday baking. There is something so comforting about the straightforward process of following a recipe on a chilly winter day. 

For our photoshoot for this issue’s food article, Alexandra Petrova of AB-Photography.us and I were invited into Deb Altchuler’s home to catch her making latkes, a recipe that she makes for her family when they gather for Hanukkah. She showed us her collection of menorahs and pictures from her travels to the Holy Land, and we got to try the fruits of her labor. Delicious! Check out her recipe on page 24.

We had another fun photoshoot at the new Hotel Indigo downtown, where we got to catch a real-life model in action, modeling some local finds to spice up your at-home fashion (p. 32).

We are unveiling two series in this issue: Construction: Not Just Men at Work (p. 26) and Anti-Racism 101 (p. 12). Over the next year, we will meet area women who work in all aspects of construction, and we will continue to power through the marathon that is effective anti-racism work. I have started reading “So You Want to Talk about Race,” one of the books that is recommended in our introductory article, and I’d love for you to join me. 

I am writing this from Colorado, where I am vacationing with my sons and two of my BFFs and their families. This is the first plane trip I have taken since COVID-19. I was nervous about it, but I have felt very comfortable and safe everywhere we have gone. Read about planning a spring break trip on page 15 to plan your own vacation.

How are you doing? Women have been disproportionately affected by job loss or difficulty in balancing their professional work with their responsibilities at home. We lost an icon, the Notorious RBG, who advocated for women’s rights. It’s a difficult time for all, and I hope that you will find a bit of joy and escape in these pages. Let’s continue to spread kindness wherever we go.