Letter From The Editor: Hot Hawties

Rochester Women magazine lets loose every year with the July/August TABOO issue. This year we decided to have some fun, go to the extreme and address some frightening topics.

Our cover woman, Deanna Tompkins, and Women in Leadership feature, Alana Wilson, both participate in extreme sports. They do it not only for themselves, but for others: Deanna runs for military foundations, and Alana runs Jumps for Hope. 

A new business opened in Rochester this year called Hawties for Hire. They aren’t the Chippendales; they are better. Hawties for Hire are real men who live and work in our community and through hours of effort at the gym, have beautiful, buff bodies. Our RochesterWomen magazine team had the opportunity to meet and dance with a couple of the Hawties at a Cowboys at the Barn event in June. Read Magic Mike Comes to Rochester (page 31) and then turn the page for your own Hawties for Hire pull-out poster.


If you are looking for fun, new ways to exercise this summer read “Get Your Fitness On” (page 51). Try some of our summer sips recipes provided by favorite area restaurants (page 36) and consider becoming a Whiskey Woman (page 34). 

I love life so much that anything that causes a threat to life scares me. On the hopeful side, we shine light and love on Michelle Harris, the recipient of our annual Healing Waters project (see page 45), and talk about ways to weather the storms of life and come “Out of the Darkness” (page 25). We also hope to scare you out of texting while driving (page 53).

We invite you to come celebrate 15 years of RochesterWomen at our “Do you tattoo?” party at Zzest on Monday, August 24, from 6-8 p.m. (see page 6). If you have a tattoo, come tell us about it. We will provide gourmet pizza and a couple of Hawties for Hire will be there too!